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My Compass North

Published: 2022-06-13
My Compass North
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Being a sports performance coach in New York is one of the best experiences of my career. We reside in one of the greatest cities in the world.

Our resources are near endless along with our resilience as a city and creativity. The “swag” as it’s called in the culture is part of who we are.

New York has never lacked talent but the sports performance infrastructure to develop them. Major college sports are our Achilles heel in comparison to other parts of the country. Yet as coaches, we adapt and thrive to develop athletes at the grassroots youth, high school, and collegiate levels.

Writing this today isn’t about training methodology but more to inform my colleagues and peers on this amazing platform called SportsEdTV to occasionally tilt your attention North.

“Finding your compass north” is a phrase I’m humbled to have created myself. It’s a reminder when you get discouraged or forget your “why” to breathe and recalibrate.

Practically, it's to remind the entire sports performance community that New York isn't just the city of lights, glitz, etc… But it’s home to some of the best coaches, educators, fitness professionals, and athletes in the country.

Our communities have held together through some of the worst circumstances yet we adapt and overcome. I write this on behalf of my borough of Brooklyn, my city, my school at Canarsie Educational Campus in Brooklyn, New York, and the entire sports performance community.

Toronto may say “We Are the North” but I say sports performance lives in Brooklyn.

This is my “Compass North”