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FOREHAND SWINGING VOLLEY / MID-COURT. The swinging volley is an attacking shot used frequently by top players in today’s game, often to attack from the middle of the court or to take advantage of a weak, high defensive ball hit by an opponent run wide off the court. Learn effective technique for hitting this shot, including how to use the open or semi-open stance for maximum rotation and racquet head speed.


Forehand Return Of Serve - Movement / Deuce Court

FOREHAND RETURN OF SERVE - MOVEMENT / DEUCE COURT. Learn how to hit effective returns from the deuce court. We’ll show you how to position you body for the return and how to make simple and efficient movements with the upper and lower body to improve your return results. Watch and start breaking serve today.

2-Handed Backhand Progression 5 - Putting It Together On The Baseline

2-HANDED BACKHAND PROGRESSION 5 - PUTTING IT TOGETHER ON THE BASELINE. In 2-Handed Backhand Progression 5, learn to put all the steps taught in the first 4 progressions together at the baseline. Starting with a strong base, you’ll learn how to get the hands up to prepare, how to turn and coil, how to move most effectively to the ball, and how to use your movement and wrist to shape the ball lIke a pro. Video features grand-slam winner, Martin Damm.

Backhand Transition Volley With Ellis Ferreira

BACKHAND TRANSITION VOLLEY WITH ELLIS FERREIRA. Watch two-time Australian Open doubles champion, Ellis Ferreira, execute the movement required to make a smooth transition from the baseline to the net. You will learn how to use the open-stance and semi-open stance volleys for efficient movement and how to reset your base to make solid volleys as you take your attacking net position.

2018 PGA Show Review: Shoes & Apparel

2018 PGA SHOW REVIEW: SHOES AND APPAREL. SportsEdTV’s Roberto Borgatti reviews the best golf equipment and latest shoes and apparel featured at the 2018 PGA Show. See the latest new golf attire and shoe design to help you look and feel better on the golf course.

Tennis Fitness Level 1 - Strengthening The Core

TENNIS FITNESS LEVEL 1 - STRENGTHENING THE CORE. It’s no secret that tennis players need a strong core for rotational power on groundstrokes and effective serves and overheads. This Level 1 video will show you basic core strengthening exercises for stability and injury prevention.

Overhead Basics: Educating the Wrist

OVERHEAD BASICS: EDUCATING THE WRIST. To hit great overheads, you need to have an educated wrist. What does that mean? You need to be able to find contact, and you need to know what your wrist is doing at contact to direct the ball and impart spin on the shot. Once you have awareness of what the wrist is doing, you can add the full swing and movements to make your overhead a reliable, fearsome and point-ending shot.