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TENNIS FITNESS LEVEL 1 / BUILD “O” ATTACK POWER 1. Learn exercises to build a powerful base and movements, all designed to help you develop a ...Read more


To Win At Doubles, Learn To Hit The 3 T's.


TO WIN AT DOUBLES, LEARN TO HIT THE 3 T'S. Winning consistently at doubles requires an aggressive approach. You and your partner need to know where to hit the ball in different situations to set each other up for the kill. In this video, former WTA top 50 player, Jane Forman, shows you how to develop an aggressive winning plan by aiming for the 3 T's. Her saying "Low, You Go. High, You Die" is brought into vivid clarity in a great drill designed to sharpen your aggressive instincts on the court (and maybe your defensive reflexes and ducking skills, too!). Check it out and watch your double results improve immediately.

Learn Why Djokovic Is The Most Feared Serve Returner In Tennis

LEARN WHY DJOKOVIC IS THE MOST FEARED RETURNER IN TENNIS. Learn how to hit effective returns from the deuce court. We’ll show you how to position you body for the return and how to make simple and efficient movements with the upper and lower body to improve your return results. Nobody executes these moves better than Novak Djokovic. We'll show you the technique used by him and other top players. Watch and start breaking serve today.

Overhead Movement Drill 1

OVERHEAD MOVEMENT DRILL 1 Learn how to move back effectively for overheads and recover quickly back to your net position with this simple “up & back” drill.

How To Move As A Team In Doubles

HOW TO MOVE AS A TEAM IN DOUBLES. Doubles is a game of court positioning and execution. In this video, former WTA top 50 player, Jane Forman, teaches you where to move on the doubles court to increase your chances of winning. She'll show you why following your partner is not always the best idea, and instead teaches you how to move with the bounce of the ball as a team. Practice the drill at the end of this video and watch your doubles results improve immediately.

Lefty Forehands With Ellis Ferreira

LEFTY FOREHANDS WITH ELLIS FERREIRA. Watch two-time grand-slam winner, Ellis Ferreira, hit forehands with excellent technique and results. Ferreira shows how to move effectively to the ball, how to be offensive on balls hit from any height and how to shape the ball for consistently heavy shots that push opponents back in the court.

Tennis Fitness Level 1 - Strengthening The Core

TENNIS FITNESS LEVEL 1 - STRENGTHENING THE CORE. It’s no secret that tennis players need a strong core for rotational power on groundstrokes and effective serves and overheads. This Level 1 video will show you basic core strengthening exercises for stability and injury prevention.