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MASTER THE 3 ZONES ON THE DOUBLES COURT. Different shot are required in different positions on the doubles court. Do you know when to ...Read more


To Win At Doubles, Learn To Hit The 3 T's.


TO WIN AT DOUBLES, LEARN TO HIT THE 3 T'S. Winning consistently at doubles requires an aggressive approach. You and your partner need to know where to hit the ball in different situations to set each other up for the kill. In this video, former WTA top 50 player, Jane Forman, shows you how to develop an aggressive winning plan by aiming for the 3 T's. Her saying "Low, You Go. High, You Die" is brought into vivid clarity in a great drill designed to sharpen your aggressive instincts on the court (and maybe your defensive reflexes and ducking skills, too!). Check it out and watch your double results improve immediately.

Warm Up To Win: Stretching To Improve Esports Performance | SportsEdTV

WARM UP TO WIN: STRETCHING TO IMPROVE ESPORTS PERFORMANCE. Watch esports performance trainer, Taylor Johnson, guide professional gamers Mike "Hypoc" Robins and Ian "BaHaWaKa" Crowe through a series of stretching exercises designed to help improve levels of performance over long periods of intense gaming. The stretches focus on the hip flexors, pecs and lats, critical muscle groups that help world-class gamers perform at their best for hours of pressure-packed competition. Follow this stretching routine to improve your gaming performance.

Learn To Jerk - Step 2 - Push Press (Woman)

LEARN TO JERK - STEP 2 - PUSH PRESS. Learn the Clean and Jerk lift from U.S. Olympic & Team USA coach, Harvey Newton. The push press is the second lesson in the sequence used to teach the jerk. Here the lifter bends the knees once and uses the legs to drive the weights upward. The lifter starts and finishes the push press just like the press; that is by taking a barbell from a squat rack and stepping backward. As in the press, the bar rests on the shoulders and clavicles, with the arms relaxed. Inhale and hold a breath, then "dip" into a partial squat position (about 10% of the lifter's height) and quickly reverse direction to drive the barbell upward, off the shoulders. The lifter completes the lift by pressing the barbell overhead while partially exhaling. Once steady the lifter inhales and slowly lowers the bar to the original position on the shoulders and clavicles, absorbing the descending weights with a slight flexion of the knees. Stand straight and repeat for the desired number of repetitions. After the final rep the lifter steps forward and replaces the barbell in the squat rack. Since this exercise is used to learn to jerk be sure to fully extend onto the toes during the drive portion of the lift.

Golf Fitness: Yoga

GOLF FITNESS: YOGA. It's no secret that yoga is part of the training routine of many of the world’s best golfers.  Yoga improves all key metrics: balance, alignment, flexibility, strength and focus. With practice, you will find more comfort and flexibility in your movements, and learn to breathe deeper and find calm in critical moments on the golf course. learn how to incorporate yoga into your golf training program.

Forehand Return Of Serve - The “V” Attack

FOREHAND RETURN OF SERVE - THE "V" ATTACK. Learn how to hit attacking returns from the deuce court by using The “V” Attack . We’ll show you how to hit powerful open and semi-open forehands to attack your opponent’s serve. Learn these efficient and effective movements to improve your return game. Watch and start breaking serve today.

Tennis Fitness Level 3 / Stabilizing The Base

TENNIS FITNESS LEVEL 3 / STABILIZING THE BASE. Learn a powerful exercise for developing the muscles that will strengthen and stabilize your base. A strong and powerful base is the foundation for great tennis.