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PRIMARY TRAINING FOR ESPORTS: IMPROVE LOWER BODY STRENGTH AND MOBILITY. Watch esports performance trainer, Taylor Johnson, guide professional gamers Mike "Hypoc" Robins and Ian ...Read more


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Putting Aim

PUTTING AIM. Aiming your putts can be a challenge because of the natural inclination to set the stance and body at the target, rather that parallel to the target line.  Learn how to perfectly "square up" and begin making more putts.

The Turn: Lower Body Mechanics

THE TURN: LOWER BODY MECHANICS. Learn to turn rather than swing. Get great results by learning to flex the knees to create a downward pressure that allows full-body integration and incorporation, rather than a using a swing limited to use of the arms and shoulders. Find clear visuals and specific instruction on how to achieve the right move. Learn efficiency, proper biomechanics, the role of the body and the role of the legs and hips.

Forehand: Stepping Up And Recovering

FOREHAND: STEPPING UP AND RECOVERING. Learn the movements for stepping up to attack and then recover on the forehand side. We call this Rotate to Recover.

Perfect Finish Drill

PERFECT FINISH DRILL. This drill will help you develop a great swing with the perfect finish; you’ll learn to get on your left side and hone your proprioceptive skills and awareness.

Overhead Movement 1 / Getting Back For The Smash

OVERHEAD MOVEMENT 1 / GETTING BACK FOR THE SMASH. Hitting great overheads requires effective tracking of the ball and moving to get in position to execute the shot. Learn how to use your left hand as GPS for ball tracking and how to move you feet to get in proper ball striking position. Make your overhead a reliable weapon that makes opponents think twice before trying to lob against you.


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