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THE TURN: HOW TO COIL, NOT SWAY. Our clear explanations, demonstrations and powerful graphics help you understand how to coil, not sway on your golf swing. ...Read more


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Chipping vs. Pitching: Stroke Comparison

CHIPPING VS. PITCHING: STROKE COMPARISON The chip shot is like a lofted putting stroke and serves to get the ball airborne for a short distance. The pitch is a longer, more lofted shot, and involves a longer swing motion. Learn the key differences between these two all-important shots, and why the proper turn is the key to executing both effectively.

Putting: Exploring Grip Options

PUTTING: EXPLORING GRIP OPTIONS. There are many styles of putting grips. Learn how to discover which one is best for you.  In this video explore the wide variety of putting grips used by the world’s best players.  We’ll demonstrate these grips and many others: left hand low, reverse overlap, belly putter, and others.

Lower Body Movement With Gene Mayer

LOWER BODY MOVEMENT WITH GENE MAYER. Let grand-slam winner, and former world #4 player, Gene Mayer, show you how to maximize your shot options on the forehand and backhand. Attack in all directions and increase your offensive options.

Lean, Lift, Load & Leverage For Great Groundstrokes

LEAN, LIFT, LOAD & LEVERAGE FOR GREAT GROUNDSTROKES. Learn the fundamental movements for great groundstrokes, starting with a strong base and synchronization of the upper and lower body,

2018 PGA Show Review: Technology & Training Aids

2018 PGA SHOW REVIEW: TECHNOLOGY AND TRAINING AIDS. SportsEdTV’s Roberto Borgatti reviews the latest best golf equipment, golf technology and training aids featured at the 2018 PGA Show. See the latest golf innovations to help lower your scores, from distance measurement tools to swing analysis devices.


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