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Redirecting Your Coaching Compass to the North

Published: 2021-11-11
Redirecting Your Coaching Compass to the North
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Reevaluating my Coaching “WHY” In 2007, my fitness career evolved into sports performance. “I want to train athletes” That was my mission priority when asked about my career goals.

It gave me a feeling of a higher purpose and at times an arrogant one that I would learn lessons in perspective as the years progressed. I graduated in 2009 with my BS degree in Exercise Science. Holding certifications at the time by ACE, NASM, and NSCA. I had my "alphabet" after my name as I called it.

Then reality hit very hard.

NYC is a very challenging market to find your place as a fitness professional. Even more difficult as a sports performance coach.

Knowing your financial value is key to any professional. Financial stability, professional recognition, respect are the BIG 3 for me. When facing the daily grind and flow of coaching you can lose your “WHY” when some or all of those professional needs aren’t met.

Your passions drive you and give you purpose, but as a dear friend and colleague recently told me "you can't spend a 10-carat diamond at the market". Your skill, character, and coaching expertise can be at an elite level but without earning the income to match it your passion can wear down and turn into "why am I doing this"?

Everyone faces this at some point and it's the mirror moments of honesty that are needed to recalibrate yourself as a person to get to the core of why you began coaching in the first place. Mentors have been one of the greatest blessings I have had in my life. It's the iron sharpening iron at times that's needed.

Other times it’s the moments where the words you need give perspective and hope when you reach a point of quitting. Coaches are people first. You can get lost in the identity and forget your basic needs as a human come before the athletes and clients you serve.

These last few years I’ve learned your tribe is the people that support you because they are in the grind with you. I hope that coaches find the time to be still and rediscover their "compass north"

 It’s that centered reason on why you chose this profession from the beginning and continue the good work of one of our favorite coaching phrases. GET ON THE LINE!!!