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Speed Is Key to All Athletic Development

Published: 2021-07-13
Speed Is Key to All Athletic Development
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Speed Is Key to All Athletic Development

Athletes come to us in all shapes and sizes.  And, they come to us with various levels of talent, intelligence, physical abilities, and passion.

In the case of this blog, I want to talk about the importance of speed.  

It's an asset in every sport we train.  Some of our athletes come with it.  Some don't.  Some are smart.  Some are not so smart—sports-wise.

And some—potentially standouts—come equipped with both, speed and smarts.  

In the case of the smart and speedy athlete, our job is to maintain the speed and nurture the smarts.  Our job is to give guidance and direction.

The real development opportunity lies with the smart, slower athlete. They are also potential standouts because we can teach speed.  

Smarts is another story.  We can shove information at an athlete, but if they’re not smart enough to apply it—not much growth.

Speed can be developed.  So, that means with hard work a smart athlete can become a smart fast athlete—a potential standout.

The smart athlete knows speed or lack of it is what will make the difference in his or her sporting future and is willing to put in the hard work to develop speed.  Their passion to succeed will payoff in attention to drills, nutrition, and techniques we coach.

Do we enjoy the smart speedy athlete?  Of course and envy their gifts while we guide and nurture.  

There's no greater satisfaction, however, than seeing a smart slow benchwarmer, speed up and step up to the first string—rewarding the making of a smart, fast athlete.