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What Are The Best Pickleball Camps For Adults

Published: 2022-09-19
What Are The Best Pickleball Camps For Adults
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Questions like that get voices like SportsEdTV in heaps of controversy, especially from the people who run those camps.

Any given attendee may choose a pickleball camp for fun, skill development, a vacation, a business perk, to lose weight, to meet people, etc.

So, you see, ranking is not only subjective. It’s relative.

Here, we try to steer you toward Pickleball Camp information that will shorten and smooth out any Pickleball camp selection process you begin.

Distinct search elements include the reputation of the provider and the instructor who will lead the camp. 

In that light, we'd be remiss not to confess to home team advantage while recognizing the reliability of quality instruction by our senior contributor Sarah Ansboury and the stability of Nike as they pair to create a series of camps.

A handful of branded pickleball camps for adults collect favorable mention across the pickleball media spectrum.  Consistently appearing are pickleball camps operating under these flags:

Engage Pickleball Camps   Level Up Pickleball Camps    Bobby Riggs Center

Rise Pickleball Camp     Boost Pickleball Camps     Nike




A couple of observations about the popularized camps: some are also equipment companies, so expect either an equipment step-up pitch while you are camping or equipment included in the price of the camp, which can be a factor in your decision.  All the camps will talk about their high-quality instruction and highlight champion pickleball players as instructors.  Some reviews we read said the champions made a fly-over appearance.  Others were sweating along with the campers, and that may happen in the camps that are permanently site-fixed as opposed to the multiple sites traveling camps.

One that stands out is the renowned Dawson pickleball family which operates the Bobby Riggs Center and is led by 2 Time US Open Pickleball Champion Steve Dawson.  Another is The Pickleball Academy of Southwest Florida, home to the US Open Pickleball Championships.

Be sure to check the level of the camp you'll be attending.  It is no fun to be a beginner in an advanced class.  Most good camp admins will spot that and steer you to the correct camp.  It is stressful for them, too, when a mismatch occurs.



Generally, camping dates separate the playing levels, as the USA Pickleball Rating System does, staging beginner, intermediate, and advanced camps.

Price and location undoubtedly are influencers in your pickleball camping choice, and the leaders in the field say a camp's program should also be measured by these criteria:  certification of instructors, on and off-site amenities, lodging, and meals.

Notwithstanding the fun and value of traveling to a big-name, big-time pickleball camp, answering what are the best pickleball camps for adults may very well lie in your backyard, so to speak.

As pickleball sweeps through the sports world, almost virally, it is becoming easier to look to local pickleball clubs’ and their affiliations or YMCA learning clinics as well as muni recreation programs to get valuable local pickleball instruction. 

Lest we forget, there's a load of top-shelf pickleball instruction at your fingertips in SportsEdTV Pickleball videos and blogs.