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Stay Confident When The Heat Is On

Published: 2022-04-08
Stay Confident When The Heat Is On
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The toughest mental skill to possess is remaining confident when your game takes the train south for the day. However, no matter how poorly you are playing, you can always choose to remain confident.

Confidence is a choice, as I always stress in The Mental Game Academy




Winners like Tom Watson choose to remain confident regardless of the situation or past disasters. You have the choice of having a good or bad attitude and the freedom to change your attitude.

If you make the correct choice, then the chances are much greater. You will become a better player and the player you want to be.

The all-time great Tom Watson chose to be confident over every putt in the 1982 U.S. Open. Most remember his remarkable chip-in on the 17th hole, but more important to his victory was his thought process on the greens. On the seventh hole, he missed a two-foot putt. It did not even touch the cup. However, he did not lose confidence in his putting but merely told himself that even great putters miss an occasional easy one.