Meet Our Coaches

John Eagleton
Director of Tennis

John Eagleton has spent his lifetime playing and teaching tennis. Prior to becoming the Director of Tennis for SportsEdTV, John took a teaching sabbatical to write an instruction book and create a widely respected teaching methodology called Techne Tennis. He has now returned to his passion, teaching and coaching players of all levels and bringing the best tennis knowledge to the world via the many great tennis tips, lessons and coaching collaborations featured on SportsEdTV.[...]

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Roberto Borgatti
Director of Golf

Roberto Borgatti is a world-renowned professional who enjoys teaching players on all levels. He is the author of A Swing You Can Trust, praised by CBS golf anchor Ian Baker-Finch as a “golfing bible”. “It’s all about helping players achieve their goals,” Borgatti says. “Removing the mystery and frustration, and bringing players more enjoyment and confidence.”[...]

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Jeff Salzenstein
Tennis Coach/Contributor

Former ATP World Tour top-100 player Jeff Salzenstein is focused on helping tennis players all over the world improve their tennis with world-class instruction in the areas of technique, footwork, nutrition, injury prevention, mindset, motivation, and athletic development training.[...]

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Jane Forman
Tennis Coach/Contributor

Former WTA top-50 world-ranked player and Clemson Hall of Fame athlete Jane Forman founded the Jane Forman Tennis Academy in 1990. Since then, she has devoted the last 28 years to developing community tennis and sports programs for children and adults of all ages and levels of ability.[...]

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Harvey Newton
Weightlifting Coach/Contributor

If you’re looking to take weightlifting classes but aren’t sure where to start, we have good news for you! We are proud to present Mr. Harvey Newton, who is the newest addition to our circle of online coaches. Harvey has decades of hard-earned experience under his belt and he’s willing to share his techniques, insights, and wisdom with novices and professionals alike.[...]

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