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Learning to Win by Heart

Published: 2021-05-26
Learning to Win by Heart
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The curve ball, the jump shot, the back-asswards high jump and two handed backhands certainly are among sports disruptive innovations that were game changing.

Then, in sports, along came Sabermetrics, known more popularly as Moneyball, when math began to direct sports’ strategies and tactics by providing empirical analysis of in-game activity.

Historians might see those revolutions as the harmonic convergence of body, will and intellect.

I believe the harmonic convergence of SportsEdTV and HeartMath will similarly impact the sports world.

HeartMath has already had convincing impact in the worlds of business, education, and government with its measurable wisdom and technology that reduces stress, enhances performance, develops greater levels of balance, creativity, insight and health.

A handful of athletes independently found their way to HeartMath.  They are outliers.  Admittedly, HeartMath has never had the bandwidth to focus on sports.

 SportsEdTV not only has the bandwidth, it has a global audiences of millions in multiple sports. 

Our community, comprised of athletes and coaches who thirst for peak performance will embrace the winning ways HeartMath science and inner management tools provide.

After all, winning feels good.  Real good. 

And that’s why this harmonic convergence which blends SportsEdTV and HeartMath will reside in the channel we call LEARN to WIN. 

It’s an apt name for the winners’ tools you’ve read about in this introductory work:

  • Increased reaction time
  • Improved concentration
  • Improved coordination
  • Improved performance
  • Reduced Anxiety

One of our coaches calls it choke insurance.

Beyond learning to win there’s a societal byproduct of this science which has import. 

In today’s world--sports included--the levels of compassion and empathy have slimmed to a point where mutual respect has severely diminished.  

On the fields of play it manifests itself in trash talking and flagrant fouls.  On and offline it manifests in polarizations which lead to bullying, vulgarity, and insensitivities that bely our humanity.

Sports has historically provided role models.  It will be the role of SportsEdTV to provide a proven model of performance improvement via our partnership with HeartMath.

If, as an adjacency, civility breaks out, the rest of world will win.