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Sports Revolution

Published: 2021-05-24
Sports Revolution
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Pure sports revolution occurs when athletes use their bodies and brains to disrupt the norm.  Consider:

  • Dick Fosbury who invented the backwards high jump.
  • Candy Cummings who invented the curveball
  • Kenny Sailor who invented the jump shot
  • Beppe Merlo who invented the two hand backhand

We reference those pioneering athletes because they didn’t shift a sports paradigm with technology.  They revolutionized their sport by using their hearts, bodies and minds uniquely.

We’re proud to believe we’re on the cusp of making a similar contribution to all sports and we’re eager to start sharing it with our audiences in our new LEARN to WIN channel.

Powered by and partnering with the science and techniques of The HeartMath Institute we’ll introduce our audiences to physically controllable and measurable winning ways.

It would be easy to call our winning ways The Zone which has become a phrase abused by commercialized promises and promos.   Instead, the peak performances our winning ways enable will stand as our promise.

Accompanying peak performance is winning as we each personally define it.  For some it is the scoreboard and for others it is personal bests.  For others not choking under pressure counts as winning.

Winning feels good. Real good. And winning occurs when all an athlete’s systems sync.

Systems sync, or entrainment as science calls it, is the lynchpin of the forehead-thumping simplicity of HeartMath’s revolutionary technique, when applied to sports, supports learning how to win.

It begins as their name implies, in the heart muscle where recently it was discovered a tiny, yet powerful, mini-brain exists and initiates communication with the big brain.  

When the heart muscle is beating erratically coordination, reflexes and decisions are impaired, but when the muscle's beat to beat variability is smooth an athlete’s performance improves. 

That’s the cliff’s notes version of this true sports breakthrough, but rest assured for the inquisitive and studious among our audience we will support with peer reviewed HeartMath science, articles, videos and training.

HeartMath coaching trains athletes how to control their heart muscle via our LEARN to WIN channel which will be supervised by HeartMath executive John White and  SportsEdTV has asked me to manage the alliance.

The HeartMath winning ways have been popularized in business, military and educational fields and only sporadically in sports.

John White explained that many world class athletes have by word-of-mouth discovered and practiced HeartMath techniques. 

“We just did not have the bandwidth to bring our message to the sports world though I did enjoy working with some individual champions and major league baseball teams,” John said.

They include:

  • Ian Woosnam, Ryder Cup Captain and Masters champion
  • Manuela Henkel Olympic Country Ski Gold Medalist
  • Nynke Pereboom Dutch Olympic Marksman
  • Anna Hemmings, Gold Medalist in 6 World Marathon Championships

“We are excited to collaborate with SportsEdTV whose online sports instruction platform reaches millions each month and will provide HeartMath with the infrastructure to bring our innovation to the sportsworld,” White adds.

“Fox, White and other SportsEdTV coaches, Roberto Borgatti and Gylton Da Matta  who are HeartMath mentors will contribute via video, blogs and articles and be available for personal training and clinics online,” said SportsEdTV CEO Victor Bergonzoli, himself a HeartMath practitioner.