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Gamers Build Careers, Learn Life Skills, and Have Fun

Published: 2022-04-07
Gamers Build Careers, Learn Life Skills, and Have Fun
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There are large misunderstandings of the esports industry.

For example, many people don’t know that esports is not popularly spelled “eSports” with the capital S in its communities.

For that reason and others, I am very excited to begin creating content for SportsedTV.  As a former athlete, I see great value in it and appreciate that they are beginning to focus on esports.

Many don’t realize what it takes to be a gamer and how like traditional sports gaming requires constant training, film study, and health & wellness.

Injuries exist in esports due to the short rapid movements that the fingers and wrist have to make rapid movements. Over time without a proper warm-up, cool down, and overall well-being such as sleep and diet,  many pro esports gamers experience short careers.

Even though a good amount of building a proper ecosystem in esports can be learned from traditional sports, it cannot however be a replica.

For example, esports can be played online—though not as well as in-person—whereas sports cannot.   Attempts to make it similar to sports will continue to fail because online is more cost-effective and importantly have weak or no grassroots systems.

The main goal of our Triangle esports Academy is to grow esports from the ground up by not only engaging kids from an early age but the parents as well. We even took this a step further to not only train them on the game but to also build character, teach life skills, and incorporate health and wellness.

It is important that the gamers who make a career out of esports can have a healthy one. For those who cannot have a career as a professional gamer they still can with the industry.

  • For example, Minecraft has a plethora of features where students can experiment with levers, switches, and electrical circuits also known as Redstone. Students can learn to create farming systems or harness energy to create water cycles and renewable energy. Minecraft also enables a space for students to visualize and investigate different situations where they can create solutions which helps them to develop critical and spatial thinking.
  • Gamer learning can also lead to PC building and focus on new, innovative, up-and-coming industries such as A.I. and cybersecurity, even blockchain and metaverse.

In addition to making people better at video games, esports has a large educational component to it which Triangle Esports Academy utilizes.

Blending scientific inquiry and technological design processes through project-based learning and focusing on developing ideas that involve critical thinking, problem-solving, logical reasoning, communication, self-direction, and the development of creative skills are measurable byproducts of esports training.

So many youths take interest in learning about PC building, video game design, cyber security, and more by playing games. Utilizing certain games to teach these skills will develop the future workforce and Revolutionizing Esports.