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The Condition Mission - Philanthropic Fitness

Published: 2021-08-09
The Condition Mission - Philanthropic Fitness
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Philanthropic fitness - fun and fulfilling for all! 

Taking care of ourselves is common knowledge-frequently described as being something we do ‘for ourselves’, ‘by ourselves’. Though it is true that we each have the freedom of choice, and that when we make a choice it affects us directly first and foremost… but there really is more to it than that, isn’t there? 

Also, common knowledge is that we are all connected and that together we’re better. (In sports, and in life in general, this is known as ‘teamwork’.) We all need a little help and support sometimes. I’ve found that one of most enjoyable, powerful ways to help ourselves with regards to our well-being, physical and otherwise, is to gather with other humans in fun physical philanthropic activities. We help and support each other, along with sending ripples of love, support, and empowerment out into the universe to others needing and desiring the same! 


My CONDITION MISSION does just that. Created years ago, I got this idea as a fun and philanthropic fitness twist on the then popular television show ‘The Biggest Loser’. The difference is that my 12-week CONDITION MISSIONS focus on points earned instead of pounds lost. The registrants are encouraged to join with family/friends/coworkers from ages 10+, and of all shapes/sizes/abilities/agilities. They are provided several nutritional and fitness options with which to earn points. The option to earn the most substantial amount of points in their 12 weeks is by participating together in a philanthropic/charitable fitness event such as: Walk-a-thon, Community Skate-a-thon, 5K, school Dance-a-thon, Community Hike, Community Mud Run, Warrior Dash for St. Jude’s, Spartan Race, etc. How much more fun can philanthropic fitness get?

(A portion of all registration fees collected go to The Organ Donor Foundation.) 

Please enjoy this training snippet demoing a CONDITION MISSION preparation for a philanthropic fitness event. This footage was from a Fitness Television Pilot. My CONDITION MISSION chosen specifically due to its encouragement of community/family, and philanthropic fitness approach. 

If reading/watching this encourages a desire to organize an event like this on your own, or for your school or athletic team, etc., simply reach out to me directly for specific details on how these CONDITION MISSIONS are designed and reformulated over the years. Or, create your own fun philanthropic fitness event! 

Teamwork really does make the dream work, and so much more! 

…and that’s MY 2 SENSE