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The Tricep Push Down

Published: 2021-08-02
The Tricep Push Down
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EXERCISE CATEGORY: Upper Body/Single-Joint 

MUSCLES UTILIZED: Triceps Brachii 

DOWNWARD MOVEMENT – Place the weight stack pin at the desired training weight in the selectorized weight stack attached to the machine. Grasp a Tri-V bar with a closed pronated grip. Hands will be approximately 8 - 10 inches apart. Place the feet shoulder or hip-width apart with the torso erect and the knees slightly flexed. Position the body so that the cable is positioned at a perpendicular angle in the starting position.  

Move the Tri-V bar down from its stationary position to a position where the elbows are next to the front of the torso touching the lower rib cage; the lower arm is straight out from the body with the wrists straight and hands even with chest level. While maintaining an erect posture and keeping the elbows tight to the anterior portion of the torso touching the lower rib cage, push the Tri-V bar down with control from the chest level toward the upper thigh.  

UPWARD MOVEMENT – While maintaining the elbows in a stationary position next to the front of the lower rib cage bend the elbows with control to allow the Tri-V bar to return to the initial starting position.