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When everyone believes it...

Published: 2020-10-23
When everyone believes it...
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…everything becomes possible.

Athletes need to be confident in their abilities to be successful.

Being aware and knowing that you can compete with the best becomes a powerful stimulus to victory.
This is having confidence in yourself. However, I sometimes hear people say that such and such a player,
or that such and such a sportsman has too much confidence in him and that it will play a trick on him
one of these days.

First, it is essential to have confidence without which one may hesitate. Doubts become a serious;

However, you can never have too much self-confidence. I often say in conferences that excess self-
confidence does not exist. How, indeed, can - we have too much optimism and assurance in its means?
It is impossible to have too much confidence in yourself.

What exists elsewhere is arrogance and lack of respect for his opponents. This is what athletes should
avoid! You have to fear and respect your opponents, but understand that by playing together (if it is a
team sport) and by giving the maximum to each presence, it is possible to defeat.

We have to learn to play with intensity, and even with a little bitterness if necessary, while following our
game plan and drawing on our strengths. Does this attitude ensure victory? Certainly not!

No competition can ever be summed up as in a stroll in the park, however confident one may be. Effort,
like work, must be constant. Easy wins hardly ever exist. Especially when the teams or the opponents
also have talent and good self-confidence.

So yes, you have to develop your self-confidence. And there are a few ways to make it easier for you, as
confidence can build or even be rebuilt. Coaches can guide and help you through this process.

First, we want to cultivate positive habits. See the bright side. Have good inner dialogue to eliminate
thoughts that devalue.

Then create your own evaluation system according to your abilities, strengths and talents. This is about
letting go of bad experiences of the past to focus on the realities and reinforce the certainty that you
can be successful.

Finally, take action. Take it step by step, because every step is important. No need to immediately go up
against the world champion. Build on what you do to move forward. Even more concretely, you can
draw inspiration from videos or writings to breathe new life into you. You can also take a few moments
to write down what you have done successfully in a particular phase of your preparation or the game.

Failure is not an end and you should never identify with failure. I will come back to this soon, because
failure is often even a learning step towards victory.

Until then, believe in your possibilities. You deserve it! You are right to have confidence in yourself and
in your play.