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Weighted Alternate Leg Box Step-Ups

Published: 2021-11-23
Weighted Alternate Leg Box Step-Ups
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MUSCLES UTILIZED: Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Gluteals, Abdominals 


UPWARD MOVEMENT – Use an exercise box with a stable surface. Height of box should be approximately knee height or lower (12 – 18 inches) depending on ability level. A box higher than knee level may create undue stress at the knee. Grab a pair of kettlebells with a neutral closed grip. Hold the kettlebells at side. Feet are between hip & shoulder-width apart and pointing forward. Torso should remain erect. Keep chest out and up. Shoulders are back. Keep head and neck aligned with eyes looking straight ahead. Starting with the left leg, place the left foot firmly on top of the box and step up. With the body weight positioned over the left leg extend the knee and hip, pushing you up onto the box. Maintain erect posture with hips parallel to box. The knee of the left leg should extend no further than below the hip to avoid hyperextension. The right leg follows, and the knee is lifted to hip level. 




DOWNWARD MOVEMENT – Return the right leg to the floor, keeping weight on the left leg. Maintain the same upright body position as you slowly lower towards the floor. Once the right foot is firmly placed on the floor behind the box, bring the left leg down to starting position. Repeat the procedure with the right leg. Continue alternating legs performing the movement pattern until the desired number of repetitions is completed.