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Dumbbell Prone Posterior Raise 

Published: 2021-11-24
Dumbbell Prone Posterior Raise 
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EXERCISE CATEGORY: Upper Body/Single-Joint 

MUSCLES UTILIZED: Infraspinatus, Teres Minor, Trapezius, Deltoids 


UPWARD MOVEMENT – Select two dumbbells of equal weight. Place the dumbbells on the floor next to the upper end of a slightly elevated adjustable bench. Lie prone on the bench with the hips, thighs and torso resting on the padded surface. Slide up the bench so that the chin rests over the top edge of the bench. Grasp the dumbbells with a closed grip and rotate them to a neutral hand position with the handles parallel to each other with the elbows pointing out to the side. The arms extend straight down from the shoulders with a slight flex in the elbows. Inhale and raise the dumbbells with control simultaneously out to the sides while maintaining the slight bend in the elbows; no movement should occur at the elbow joints, only at the shoulders. Throughout the upward motion, the upper arms and elbows should rise together. Avoid lifting the weight rapidly.  

Keep the head, neck or upper torso in contact with the bench throughout the upward motion. Exhale as the resistance is lifted through the sticking point. Continue lifting the resistance until the arms are approximately parallel to the floor or nearly level with the shoulder height. 

DOWNWARD MOVEMENT – Lower the dumbbells with control while keeping the head, neck or upper torso in contact with the bench throughout the downward motion. Allow the dumbbells to continue to descend keeping the dumbbells parallel to each other until they return to their hanging starting position. Inhale as the dumbbells return to the starting position.