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The Zone Demystified

Published: 2020-10-30
The Zone Demystified
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Greetings, SportsEdTV audiences—athletes, coaches and parents—I am pleased to have been invited to share with you years of sports experiences I have had as a principal of HeartMath.

For those of you who don’t know us, HeartMath is a 30 year old science based organization that has created techniques and technologies that help people reduce stress, improve health and performance, including
reaction time speed and eye-hand coordination.

HRV ImageWhile reaction time speed and eye hand coordination speak loudly to coaches and athletes, HeartMath has many more performance enhancing techniques and technology I will write about here in episodes to come.

But, for openers, you are going to be excited to read our Founder Doc Childre’s seminal paper on The Zone, entitled The Zone Demystified which I’ll republish and make available for download.

The Zone—sports Holy Grail of high performance—was an elusive, even mystical unexplained phenomena, but not anymore.

HeartMath techniques and technology enable athletes to practice the unique conditions that increase access to The Zone. As you increase your capacity to get there, levels of zone experience become less random and subject to your intentional entrance.

Read The Zone Demystified here.

Spend some time with it and look forward to my next installment:

Choke Insurance.

Until then, remember your heart does have a mind of its own.