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Sports Emotion Management Is Out Of The Closet

Published: 2022-03-24
Sports Emotion Management Is Out Of The Closet
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I don’t know Miriam Baverel. I know she’s a sports pioneer—even if she doesn’t.

I  know that after watching her SportsEdTV interview with Arthur Bouedo.

Miriam’s passion to drive herself to the Olympic Taekwondo silver medalist platform in the Athens games pushed her to overcome internalized fears to reach those performance heights.

“When I chose to base my performance on strategy and preparation, they replaced my fears,” she said.

She tells us she immersed herself so deeply in preparation, analytics, and tactics that in competition her confidence kicked her fears aside. 

Today as a renowned taekwondo coach Miriam stresses preparation, analytics, and strategy as confidence builders en route to peak performance.


In effect Miriam Baverel is unconnected living testimony to the SportsEdTV Learn to Win peak performance science and technology we've adapted to sports from the world-renowned HeartMath performance experts.

You see, Miriam—on her own—came to know fear was her performance demon, and only through her deep appreciation of preparation, analytics and strategy would confidence flow.

“ And, you know, you just have to embrace it and build your confidence, not through things that you cannot control, such as fear,  but through preparation and also through analytics, that's how you get your confidence to perform at the highest level,” she adds.

Great milestones have a way of emerging, some independently, some simultaneously, and others distinctly separately—even the patent of Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone was filed on the same day by Elisha Gray filed his.

Coming out of its sports closet is the topic of emotions management, a subject Miriam Marevel speaks to eloquently, and is being joined by more and more athletes and coaches who differentiate between the mental versus emotional divide in sports performance.

“I think for me, the capacity to be present is very simple. We know that with stress, we are usually disconnected from the game because of our thoughts and our emotions. So the capacity to just concentrate on the game, it's very easy to understand, is very difficult to do.

But, it's this the capacity to be present for athletes… What makes the difference is saying, okay, I know I did the training. I'm prepared, I'm confident now. It's just for me to not be able to have so much stress is to just try to enjoy the moment. A lot of them said that. Can you, you think, just enjoy the moment?”

A native of Chambery in the French Alps, Coach Baverel’s early sporting love was figure skating. She started taekwondo at age 16 and continued until 23. During that short but intense period, she fought in two Olympics and won silver in Athens. She has 11 years of coaching experience, having coached the French Junior National Team and the French Senior Male and Female National Team. The most recent achievement of Baverel and her crew was the silver medal won by Haby Niare in Rio.

She has chaired the World Taekwondo Federation Coaches Committee, and is one of the very few coaches in elite-level taekwondo who coach both male and female teams.

Miriam Baverel’s pioneering spirit in emotion management in sports is joined by more and more contemporary coaching personalities.

SportsEdTV is proud to lead the movement in the sports world, with its Learn to Win adaptation for sports, of the more than 30 years of HeartMath research and science that explains the peak performance self-discoveries of exceptional athletes like Miriam Baverel.