Peter Fox,
Editor in Chief

Mostly recognized for his role as ESPN’s Founding Executive Producer, Peter Fox’s broad creative communication career touches most media and many markets.

As author, producer, developer and communication counsel his experiences in corporate, political and sports realms span more than 4 decades and highlights here and below:

Author: Golf Reform Is At Hand; Creative Insurance Is No Oxymoron; 50 Visions; A Lifetime of Better Golf; Managing Emotions—Sports Next Frontier

Producer: ESPN original programming; Golf Digest’s Moe Norman and Natural Golf; The God Squad; PPG Industries Trip Through Time

Developer: Harmony Games®; FUNcierge®; EQuatrics™; Golfest®

Communications Counsel: United Technologies; DuPont; PPG Industries; Research Triangle Solar Fuels Institute; Lloyds of London Correspondents; Radio Advertising Bureau; Promotion Marketing Association of America; Governors John Dempsey; William O’Neill and Ella Grasso; U.S. Senators Thomas and Christopher Dodd and PGA Tour tournaments in Connecticut and Florida.

Fox is an Emmy nominee; Clio and Golden Pen winner; Natural Golf Hall of Fame member and Senior Golf Club Champion, Hillandale, Durham, NC.

He is the Editor in Chief of SportsEdTV.