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In times of Uncertainty, be Certain in Yourself

Published: 2020-11-19
In times of Uncertainty, be Certain in Yourself
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Many times in our lives, both sporting lives and personal lives, we face obstacles and challenges. Many times these obstacles and challenges can cause us to doubt our abilities.

For most athletes we gain our confidence from our routines, habits and schedules. Yet, what happens when we are forced to change our routines, habits and schedules? What happens when we encounter an injury, a setback, a delay or even a Pandemic?

Well, Adversity cause some to Break and others to Break Records. Are you a Record Breaker?

A feeling of Uncertainty can leave many athletes(individuals) frozen. Frozen because they don’t know what to do next. Frozen because they know what to do next, but not sure how to do it. Frozen from all the things going through their minds distracting them from the only thing that matters: You, your goal and your effort!

A distracted mind is a Defeated Mind. Anytime you are distracted you are not operating at 100%. No matter if it’s driving, cooking, reading, dancing, or working out.

Many times I am asked, “How do I stay focused and not get distracted”? My answer: By having a clear goal and setting a precise deadline. That goal and that deadline are non-negotiables.

Remember, it’s not that the best don’t get distracted. They do. It’s not that winners don’t have distracting thoughts of uncertainty. Of course. The difference is that they don’t let those distractions and thoughts control their actions.

This is where being certain in yourself comes in. If you are certain in your abilities, your faith, your work ethic, your persistence and  your values, then no matter how challenging times may be, you will show up and show out.

Being certain in yourself allows you to stay centered. It allows you to showcase your strengths. That certainty allows you to relax, breath, focus and work.

Who are you? Not, what’s your name. Who are you? Are you a Winner? Are you a Champion? Do you quit easily? When things get hard, what does that voice say that pops in your head? Can you ignore that voice or better yet, silence that voice?

Once you are certain in who you are, then these times of uncertainty will not distract you. Well, shall I say, you will be able to better ignore the distractions, like a champion.

Please, in Times of Uncertainty, just be Certain in Yourself.