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How To Work Out In A Limited Space

Published: 2022-09-14
How To Work Out In A Limited Space
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Most of us relate workouts to a gym environment, be it a public gym or a home gym. We picture weights, cycling machines, and more. You might want to learn more about folding treadmills for a home gym setting. But you do not need this to get a workout. 

Nowadays most of us work from home, it is becoming more and more common. But, many of us do not have the space for a home gym, so instead, we go outside for a run or just falter and fail at fitness routines because we do not have the space. 

However, the truth is that you do not need to have a horde of gym equipment at your disposal to be able to work out. 

You can work out in a limited space. You just need to be a bit more creative about how you do this.

Wondering how you can? Does it sound impossible? Do not worry, it is doable. Let us tell you how! 




It Can Be Done!

Only having a small amount of space available does not need to limit how good your workout is. All that it will do is make you get more creative in how you break a sweat. Things like running will require open spaces, but there is a whole world outside your front door for this. 

When it comes to other exercises, there is plenty you can do in a small space. 

You can fit in a full-body workout just by using five to six moves in a small space. Think about mountain climbers, lunges, push-ups, squats, and so on, all of these are doable in a small space and can be done in a circuit workout style. 

You can also do cardio in small spaces such as jumping jacks, one-place jogging, high knees, burpees, and so on. 

So, how do you make use of a small space for workouts?


Use What You Have Available

You do not need a full home gym setup. Even if you do not have a weight rack or a yoga mat, you can improvise with home items. To train your strength, you want to look for items in your home. You could use cans of soup, water bottles, and so on. 

Instead of a yoga mat, check out any camping equipment you have hidden away, perhaps a padded blanket, or a good rug. 

You can use anything in your home to replace typical gym equipment. You could use laundry detergent as a kettlebell, you could use a rug, or a hardwood floor, and a towel to replace a yoga mat. You can use books instead of blocks and so on. 

All you need to make use of a small space in your workouts is a bit of creative thinking. 


Keep Things Interesting

One of the main things you need to remember if you are doing a small space home workout is that you need to mix things up from time to time. Doing the same thing in the same place over and over again gets boring. 

If you get bored, you are less likely to keep it up and will end up faltering in your efforts. So long as your body fits into whatever available space you have, there are endless workouts you can do. Your body is your workout machine, after all. 


You can do some yoga one day, then try some strength training, then some cardio, and rotate what you do. 

Mix it up and keep your body and mix invested and interested in the workouts. Do this for the same reason that you switch from leg day to arm day too. You want to give your full body the workout it desires, focusing on different muscles and different types of workouts. 

You should also create your ideal playlist for your workouts. Pop on your new Spotify playlist and keep moving until you can’t anymore. One of the best parts of this is that your Spotify playlist can keep you invested and make you look forward to your next workout.


Stay In The Right Mindset

When you go to work out in a gym, you are there to work out and work out alone. However, if you are doing your workouts at home, then it is different. There are so many distractions at home, family may distract you, chores, and work. It can be hard to stay in the zone. 

You need to try your best to avoid typical human distractions that often lead us astray and take us out of the mindset we need to be in. 

Find a quiet area in your home, or get up for your workout before everyone else. Having that Spotify playlist playing through earphones will also keep you active and invested too as it will prevent you from getting distracted by typical home noise. 

Sometimes, there is nothing we can do to avoid these issues, though. Crying kids, phone ringing, someone knocking at the door, we cannot avoid these things. But do not let it ruin your workout. Stay positive and do what you can. 

If you need to leave your zone for a moment, then take the time to get back into it afterward, if you need to do your exercises in chaos and clutter, focus on your breathing and focus deeply on your movements. 

Stay in the zone. 



If you are itching for an example that you can use to base your new home workout on, we have an example for you that will help you get an idea of what you can do,

Simple routine.

  • 20 secs of jumping jacks. 
  • 20 secs of squats.
  • 20 secs of push-ups.
  • 20 secs of mountain climbers. 

Higher level.

  • 20 secs high knee (running).
  • 20 secs jumping lunges.
  • 20 secs explosive push-ups.
  • 20 secs burpee/ half-burpees. 


It does not need to be complicated, as you can see; it can be as challenging or low-key as you want.