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ESPN: One Giant Leap for Fankind

Published: 2023-01-06
ESPN: One Giant Leap for Fankind
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The world held its breath in 1969 as Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon and took a great leap for mankind, especially pulling Americans from assassination depressives and giving them button-bursting pride again.

A decade later, almost to the week, the sports world barely quivered when Bill Rasmussen threw the euphemistic switch on ESPN, taking a giant leap for fankind.

It might have been a bit understated for some, but for a few of us, birthing ESPN was a rocket ride that landed my golfing friend, colleague, author, and fellow maven of media on a memory moon only a few experienced.

Bill's latest accounting of those days, traces his nine living decades and then some, weaving technology, sports, and history as they impacted him and us.  

ESPN: One Giant Leap for Fankind is a magnificent sequel to the ESPN founder’s classic original Sports Junkies Rejoice, flavored by 40 more years of sports, relentless innovation, and invention by one of America's true visionaries and good-natured teammates.

Bill's large fan-filled trip through the 9 decades and then some he has lived, offers insights, tattles, and tell-all snippets only his multi-faceted heart, head and hearing could manifest in ESPN: One Giant Leap for Fankind.

During a few of those escapades, I rode shotgun with and for Bill Rasmussen. 

Even so, the way he has woven the three elements of time, sports, technology, and business into another easy and breezy bio-doc is a must-own book if you're a sports fan.