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All You Need To Know About Indoor Golfing

Published: 2022-02-04
All You Need To Know About Indoor Golfing
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Indoor golf has become just as popular as playing a round on an outdoor course! While it’s not quite the same and doesn’t involve as much exercise, it’s a fun, challenging, and very viable form of sport that every golfer should experience. 

Whether you play golf to socialize or to improve your handicap, indoor golf can be a great option instead of the course in certain situations. You can use the same equipment you do outdoors, and the mechanics are the same - it’s just a touch different. 

Here’s all you need to know about indoor golf so you can start taking part! 




What Is Indoor Golf?

Indoor golf is becoming increasingly popular and is changing how traditional golf is being played. It’s a blanket term that covers a wide range of golf activities, which are played at a facility or in the comfort of your own home.

These golfing facilities are open to golfers of all abilities who are looking to have some fun while they work on their game. 

The facilities can include golfing simulators, putting greens, chipping areas, and driving ranges. Some indoor golf facilities will offer a variety of courses to play, bays, and clubs, as well as other options of entertainment. 


indoor golfing


Indoor Golf Facilities 

Technological advancements in golf now allow golfers to experience a full round of golf and get data on how they played without ever having to leave a room! 

The new technology can measure the movement of your golf club, angle of attack, velocity, and trajectory. 

Even though you're inside, all these measurements allow indoor golf facilities to accurately replicate the ball’s flight performance. 

Golfers will see information such as smash factor, club path, ball distance and carry, and what the launch angle was of every shot they make. This data can help golfers to improve their game. 

Indoor golf facilities can also allow golfers to play courses that they may never get to play in their lifetime, like Augusta National Golf Club, Royal County Down, Tari Iti in New Zealand, or Thracian Cliffs in Bulgaria. 


indoor golfing


Golf Domes

Golf domes allow golfers to practice all aspects of their game throughout the entire year.

While golf domes don’t have the same reliance on technology as golf simulators, they do have clear, wide-open space inside.

So you may not get to see the full picture of your shots or have the full course experience, but golf domes do have putting greens and driving ranges, which allows golfers to focus on the practical aspects of the game, master their short game, and perfect their swing. 


Golf Dome


Driving Range

One of the biggest benefits of indoor driving ranges is that you can work on your swing practice regardless of the outside conditions.

Some driving ranges will have computer/ video evaluation tools that can help you analyze your swing. 

This also helps to provide tangible evidence of what needs to be improved instead of going on “feel” alone. 


Putting Greens

The best thing about a putting green is that it's a great tool to practice and improve your short game. 

If you want to improve your handicap, then you need to work on your short game, as it can make up to 35 to 55% of all your shots, depending on the course you’re playing. 


putting green


Golf Simulators

Every golfer wishes that they had more time to play golf, and there was a time when golfers simply couldn’t play as often as they’d like.

Thankfully, technology evolved, and golf simulators were invented! Golf simulators allow golfers to play a variety of courses around the world while capturing data on both the ball and club. 

The simulator analyses the data captured and then adds in additional environmental aspects, such as terrain, wind, or obstacles. This allows you to work on your technique where you want it to improve, and it could shave several shots off your handicap. 

Aside from improving your golf game, you’ll still be able to play golf when the summers are too hot and winters are cold. 


golf simulator


Benefits of Indoor Golf 

One of the biggest benefits of indoor golf is that you don’t have to worry about the weather. 

There are no rain delays, no set tee times, and you have the flexibility to play a round of golf at any time of the day, even if you can't sleep! 

This allows you to get consistent practice and feedback on every game and you’ll start to see improvements in your swing and shots. You’ll be shaving shots off of your handicap and taking your game to the next level. 

A simulator will also allow you to play dream courses that are on your bucket list. You’ll have access to courses like Pebble Beach, Torrey Pines, and Bethpage Black. Depending on your simulator’s software, you could have access to international golf courses as well. 

As technology has evolved, so has the simulator, and you’ll be impressed by the level of detail that the designers have put into the courses! 

Simulators are more affordable now than when they first came out. But thanks to the advancement of technology and new products, avid golfers will be able to find a simulator that suits their budget. 




Now that you’ve learned all you need to know about indoor golf, there are a variety of ways to begin taking part in it. Not all clubs have indoor golf facilities, but there may be one near you. 

If not, you may be able to find a dedicated indoor golf center nearby or even a hotel that allows outsiders to book a round on their simulator. Alternatively, you could invest in your home simulators or putting green! 

There are many options, but you’ll never have to miss out on a round of golf again because the weather isn't great. Have fun! 

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