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Ball Position, Where It Should Be?

Published: 2022-03-03
Ball Position, Where It Should Be?
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I often get asked from my clients, “Where should the ball position be placed within my stance”?  That is a great question to ask because it is one of the primary swing mechanics that make up the foundation of the golf swing.  


The ball position can determine ball flight and the curvature to the ball.  It can also determine how steep or shallow the clubface position enters into the ball.  I feel ball position is one of the four basic mechanics to the golf swing:  BPGA - ball position, posture, grip and alignment.  



The ball position should be played from one position throughout the whole movement of the swing.  The only change a player has to do is to widen or shorten his/her stance.  My opinion is the ball position should be played off of one spot and that spot usual is vertically down from your heart. The adult heart is 3.5 inches wide, so finding your “one position” will vary and be determined by you.


So, if you drew an imaginary line vertically down from your heart-spot to the ground this is where you will determine your ball position.  This may feel a little forward for some people but with a little practice you can dial it in.  



This new idea about ball position may be different than what you are used to.  If you are like me who grew up playing your ball position with your sand wedge through your 8 iron back in your stance, 7 iron through 5 iron in the middle of your stance and 4 iron through driver off of the inside of your left heel it may seem a little controversial.  I started playing the ball position different a few years ago when I noticed I was moving the ball in my stance almost a full two feet between clubs.  For me this was way too much fluctuation, it made more sense to me to play the ball position from one particular spot and not move it around.  Jack Nicklaus did the same thing.  I would recommend like anything new, to practice it first on the practice tee and then move it over to the golf course. 


If you have any questions about ball position or anything else in the golf swing, please feel free to call me at 302-332-4495 or jlynch@ironbridgeclub.com