Jordan Fuller,

Jordan Fuller hails from the wonderful city of Omaha, Nebraska. He started playing golf as young as 15 years old with his parents. Back in the day, Jordan had to learn the ropes of golf with novice equipment.

Eager to improve his game on the greens, he decided to join a golf club in Tucson, Arizona wherein he played alongside the top players in the area and learned all the tips he’s now teaching for free through his blog, Instagram account (@golfinfluence), Facebook community (Lovers of Golf: Best Tips to Improve!), and personal Facebook page (Jordan Fuller: Golf Expert, Coach & Mentor).

Now, Jordan dedicated his life to golf and helping other golfers of all levels achieve their fullest potential. With his team of golf enthusiasts and professionals, they run a website called Golf Influence, which aims to provide information about the basics of golf and ratings of the best golf equipment.

Golf Influence was developed in early 2016 to take the guesswork out of shopping for premium golf equipment. The website aims to give unbiased, thorough testing of golf equipment led by their professional team of golf reviewers.

As a golf mentor and expert, his advice has been published in esteemed newspapers, including Golf Tips Magazine, FORE Magazine, GolfMagic, and USGolfTV.

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