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5 Team Passing Soccer Drills For Ages 10-13

Published: 2022-04-08
5 Team Passing Soccer Drills For Ages 10-13
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Passing and receiving are two of the most important abilities in soccer, for all levels from youth to professional, and all positions from defenders to forwards. These 5 drills will help ensure you/your team are getting the repetition needed to develop the right passing technique and associated skills to effectively keep possession and move the ball in a match.


Drill 1: The Passing Circle

The Passing Circle is a great way to help players work on their two-touch passing, and it offers two variations, one with one ball and one with two balls. The former is much easier than the latter, so this offers a natural progression for players as they improve. The aspects to focus on for the passing circle are communication and players keeping their heads up (especially in the variation with two balls).


Drill 2: The Rondo

The Rondo is one of the most commonly used passing drills. The benefit is that by adding the defenders in the middle, players must think and pass quickly - just like a real match. It trains decision making when on the ball, and players must often have already decided what they’ll do with the ball before they receive it. There are many different variations of the rondo. Some examples are:

  • 1 defender in the middle
  • 2 defenders in the middle
  • Limit outside players to 2 touches
  • Limit outside players to 1 touch
  • Reduce or increase the number of outside players
  • Reduce or increase the distance between the outside players

Drill 3: Receiving With The Back Foot

This drill is great because it makes players open their hips as they receive on their back foot, and then pass in a new direction. This is an extremely common movement in a match, and all players should have it mastered. While this drill doesn’t offer decision making aspects, that allows players to really focus on the technique and get in as much repetition as possible.


Drill 4: Two-Touch Passing

This two-touch passing drill is a simple and extremely effective way for pairs to improve their passing. It allows for lots of repetition of receiving and passing with both feet. The distance of the players can be increased or decreased as needed. Players can practice alternating feet or using one foot for both the touch and pass and then switch to work the other foot. Players can also practice receiving with both the inside and outside of their foot with this drill. These combinations should all be rehearsed to prepare players for all the different scenarios they might encounter in a match.


Drill 5: Master The One-Touch Pass

The drill works on one-touch passing. Players can do this in lines, where they jog around to the other side (as shown), or they can also do this in pairs and stay in place. This would offer more repetitions but less movement. That might make a better drill for a team/players in need of maximum repetition to improve technique, while what is shown (with jogging) makes a better warm-up. Jogging also puts players in the habit of passing and moving rather than passing and remaining in place. Players should focus on connecting the middle of the ball, opening their hips, and keeping the pass firm, accurate, and on the ground.


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