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What Is Your Purpose?

Published: 2021-04-13
What Is Your Purpose?
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You are here for a reason. You were not created as a random act of kindness. Your existence is deliberate. You might say you have a purpose and you are partly correct. The truth is that you do not have just one; you have many. A creature as noble and magnificent and complex as you, especially when you are in alignment with your Truth, cannot have just one singular purpose in the way that you seek it or understand it. That makes no sense.

You are multifaceted by design. You are a brilliant stroke of genius and you are meant to do great things with the life you have been given. Do not assume that this means you must be a global leader or become known by millions for your accomplishments. Great things are understood and measured by those on the receiving end of them.

Imagine if you rescued a puppy from abuse and neglect. To that puppy, you are greater than the most highly respected global leaders. When you hug someone who has not been touched in years, you give gifts of soul connection, of warmth and love that are priceless. When you acknowledge what is special in others, you encourage seeds of their greatness. And when you acknowledge what is special in yourself and you work toward enhancing those qualities, you encourage seeds of your own greatness.

You must notice the many acts that you might consider small and inconsequential, and understand that they contribute to the manifestation of your own greatness. Whether or not any of those acts might be common knowledge to the rest of the world is irrelevant. That is not the deciding factor in determining whether or not you have done great things in your life.

Every step you take toward maximizing your potential is another step closer to fulfilling your purpose in all areas of life. When you bear this in mind and stay focused on your goals, it will powerfully and positively impact your performance.

You might speak of having a purpose and you might spend much of your life trying to discover what it is. If you were to insist on attempting to sum it up in such a way, I would suggest that it is to honour your Truth in every moment of your life. And you do this by noticing the magic and greatness in them. The measure of your greatness is not in how many people were impressed, or showed up, or have heard of you. The measure of your greatness is in how deeply you are able to appreciate the simplest, sweetest things in life, and to act on them because that appreciation is the purest form of love, and of honouring the gift of your life.

The measure of your greatness is in how aligned you are with the calling of your heart and the urging of your soul. Your alignment is equal to your willingness to listen and follow, and it will show you the many colours of your rainbow, the countless ways in which your life has purpose and meaning.

You cannot have one singular purpose, other than to live a purpose-filled life, as fully and completely as you can.

If you’re like most people, you have found yourself wondering, “What is my purpose?” It is true you are a unique and intricate, precious being of light, even when you do not recognize this in yourself.

And it is true that you will have particular interests, gifts and abilities to contribute to the lives of others and to the world in general, even if you simply do this in your small corner of it. In no way does that diminish your greatness. In fact, it amplifies it because it demonstrates your willingness to live a purpose-filled life, which means acting without concerning yourself with the benefits to you.

You might think that because you are unique and truly special, this means there must be only one particular purpose for your existence. And it is true that there will be a certain theme for the direction of your life, or a certain role or roles that you are designed to play, and although this is one purpose you seek, it is just one of many and the fulfillment of all of them is your purpose.

Am I confusing you? This is not my intention. I want you to understand that when you act purposefully, you are fulfilling your Destiny. When you seek to become the best at what you do, or to simply become your best by enhancing your performance, you are fulfilling your purpose. When you see everything you do as being meaningful, no matter how great or small, or when you choose to find meaning in everything you see and do, you are not just living a life of purpose. You become the purpose.

Your purpose is to experience this life and all it has to offer, whether it is enjoyable or terrible or something in between. Your purpose is to add your own sparkle, your own radiance, your own quirks and differences to the world. Your purpose is to be yourself, to follow the joys of your heart and the stirrings of your soul, and to notice and acknowledge what there is to be appreciated in every precious moment of your existence.

Your purpose is to sink your teeth into life, to make the most of it, to take all you can get from it, and to give all you can to it.

You are not here to conform against your will and do what others do, simply because you or they think the majority should rule. Certainly, if you choose to conform and this delights your soul, by all means be on that team. And remember to respect those who are not.

Your purpose is to dance your dance, to sing your song, and to be yourself in all your glory, whatever that means to your soul. Your purpose is not to judge the dances or songs of others when you do not understand them. Your purpose is to celebrate them, to appreciate them, and to honour their dances and songs as you would have them honour yours.

You are different from everyone else in the expressions of your soul, but you are also the same as they are in the depths of your heart. Your purpose is to live your own differences, and to appreciate the differences in others. Your purpose is to remember that by virtue of your uniqueness, you are all the same. You try to hide your fears from others, and they do the same, but you are fooling no one, and neither are they.

You might question the choices and movements of others when you still question many of your own. You do not appreciate being judged, yet you might find yourself judging others. You might do this by deciding what you think is right or best for them when you cannot possibly know this. You do not appreciate it when others tell you what they think is right for you, no matter how well-intentioned they might be. Your purpose is to do the best you can in what is right for you, and to support others in doing what is right for them.

Your purpose is to seek to understand others, and if you find this to be a challenge, then find tolerance in your heart by remembering that there will be many who do not understand you.

Your purpose is to offer kindness where there is none. Your purpose is to offer compassion where there is suffering. Your purpose is to laugh where there is joy. Your purpose is to love, and more than that, you are here to BE love, to embody it by living a purpose-filled life.

Your purpose is to rescue that puppy or give that hug or acknowledge the beauty in another.

Your purpose is to stay aligned with your goals, doing your best to move closer to them every day.

Your purpose is to honour and revere every moment you have been given, and the gifts that each one contains.

Dance your dance and sing your song. Do it with gusto, and delight in others as they do the same.

Your purpose is everything about the journey to discovering your purpose.