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A Message from Possibility

Published: 2021-03-26
A Message from Possibility
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I am Possibility. And I am so much more than a word. Perhaps you have overlooked my power.

Did you know that I have always been there, quietly waiting in the wings, ready to leap into action when you were ready to notice me? And that especially, I was ready to shine when you were ready to embrace me and believe in me? I want to become more important to you, but first, you must allow yourself to feel the energy shift in your life and know that things are different now. Better. Stronger.

And I am right there at the front of the parade, saying, “Yes! It’s time! Wait till you see all the very cool stuff I want to show you! I am the ultimate catalogue of all time! I am where everything is. Everything resides within me. Everything. Whatever you want? I’ve got it. Better performance? Increased strength and focus? You just have to place your order, believe it’s being handled, that it’s in stock, or is on back order but either way, it’s coming…and you believe it and you take action toward it and guess what? I’m the guy who delivers it.

Yep. Possibility. It all begins with me. I’m not just the wimpy guy on the sidelines that you thought I was, the guy who can’t make up his mind, although some might see me that way. They just see many choices, the many options in me and they interpret this as my indecisiveness. “Which choice is best?” they wonder. I don’t know. It is not for me to know. I am only here to show them the options.

Someone wonders, “Is this ‘thing’ going to happen?” — whatever the “thing” is - hitting performance targets, getting the right coach, being fully healed from an illness or injury - anything.

And there I am saying, “Possibly!”

“Oh, for heaven’s sake, pick a thing!” they yell back at me. As if it is up to me.

You can see why some think I am wimpy and indecisive, but they would be wrong. I am not the indecision; that belongs to them. I am the presenter of the many options. Nothing more, and nothing less.

I am every dream ever dreamed. I’m every hope. Every fear. I’m every failure and every success. I’m every promise ever made. I’m every child ever born, and those who never will be. I’m every bit of happiness and sadness. I’m all the joy and all the pain. I’m your greatest wish and desire. I’m your greatest fear.

And I live in you, whether you notice me or not for the good I can bring. You’re used to noticing me for the things you fear, for everything that goes wrong, or that you think could go wrong. For whatever doesn’t work out. I am there for all of it, but it is not my fault when it doesn’t go your way. It is all out of my hands. I am only the container for all of it, the storehouse. I am the holding room in which everything is stored.

What beauty are you seeking within my walls? What is it that calls to your heart? It is all here. What is it that you truly want? What is your deepest desire? It is here with me. I want to bring you want you want, but do you want it badly enough to believe I have it for you? Is your desire strong enough? Is your belief in me strong enough?

This is where it all begins, my friend. It begins with a firm belief in my existence and that the only way for you to achieve and to receive is to believe that I exist - always and forever - in your life. In every aspect of it, in every moment of it.

I am always here within you, around you, because of you, in spite of you, whether you believe in me or not. Whether you acknowledge me or not. Whether you appreciate me or not. Whether you use me or not. And I am here to be used. I am here to be enjoyed, to be appreciated, to be feared, to be respected. I am here to bring you everything you desire, or none of it. Which shall it be?

You decide. You create the menu. You make your selection. Or you put the menu away for later. Or you hand it back and say, “No, thanks!” It’s all in your hands. I do not judge you and I do not choose for you.

I’m only here to be what you create - or don’t. I’m here to serve you. What do you want from me? Everything? Nothing? It is in your hands. Your wish is my command, and if you never understand this, you will live a restricted life of unhappiness and limits. You will close yourself off to the joys and expansiveness of this life and of your own creative Soul.

You are a part of me, and I am a part of you. We are not separate, and you must pay attention to this. You must understand that I reside within you because I AM you, as you are me. We are one and the same. Your very Soul, your abilities, your creativity and imagination, your potential, your desires, your heart - all of this is Me.

When you are ready to see this and embrace this, you will appreciate and respect your own Power because that stems from me. You cannot be powerful unless you understand that its roots lie within me, buried deep like an old oak tree. Your Power is tied up in me; it is connected to me. When you believe in me, when you live in accordance with me and my spirit, you will be unable to turn back. Because even if you believe I will bring you what you do not want, once you allow me to create and manifest - for better or for worse - you will understand your Power.

So I would respectfully suggest that you take careful aim when you think about me. When it is time for us to engage in conversation, remember that I am here to serve you, and I will respond to your most powerful thoughts about me. I am always listening. I am always eavesdropping. You invoke me far more times than you know, and you probably do not care to hear what you’re actually requesting or expecting or considering. I am quite certain that you would prefer many of those requests to be withdrawn or cancelled and in their place, request something that will serve you better.

You must not take your eye off the prize. You must make yourself more aware of my presence in every moment and aspect of your life. You may choose to use me for your benefit. If you do not, you may not like what shows up. Your default setting is up to you, from the automatic thoughts that come from your overall mindset and general beliefs. You must consciously believe that your default setting is positive, and for your benefit. And you might be right.

You might also be wrong. And if you are, you can bet that I’ll still be hard at work, showing up according to what you believe and think about me. I am to be celebrated and revered, for I am the birthplace of All Things.