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What if failure gives the keys to victory?

Published: 2020-11-16
What if failure gives the keys to victory?
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All the athletes must learn to win.   One of the first lessons taught: "If you are not in front, it is because you are behind".  And, "If you're not first, you've lost."

We forget quickly the second places, but we remember when we won the gold, the trophy or the cup. Winning represents the ultimate and final goal and is really important.

However, by dint of aiming only for victory, we forget that defeat is important in the learning process. Winning is a result, not a definition of the athlete.  Victory is the result of an endless effort and sacrifice, and is never guaranteed, despite the energy that is devoted to it. That's why it becomes dangerous to set all emphasis on victory.

Many athletes stand demolished by defeat because they are convinced that it is unacceptable. The failure is a hard blow to their personality. It is obvious that to strive strenuously to get the victory can create the secondary effects that are likely to have negative outcomes.

The first thing to establish therefore becomes not to identify with failure. Losing does not define who you are.  Besides, it would be unthinkable to believe that you can always win. So, even if you have lost, you remain the same person, with the same aspirations, the same dreams, the same tastes and the same friends. No one will deny you because of a defeat.

Then, we must change the image of failure so as not to consider it as an end. It is often not the defeat that is terrible as the way in which we perceive it. Rather than seeing it as a disaster, we must explore it as a step that leads us to go further, higher, faster. You alone can decide if there is a failure or not, because it's really just a relative concept.

Remember that many breakthroughs scientists have made have a resulted from errors as in the case of the discovery of penicillin.  If we want to move forward , defeat must become an opportunity to grow and learn.

 Therefore we must not learn to lose, but to integrate defeats into the process of training. We must get used to learning about ourselves and how to turn losses into more motivation and energy.

In addition, athletes must finally always keep the pleasure of playing at the center of their training. Only then will failure take its rightful meaning.