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Run 100 Marathons in 100 Days? The Secret to Superhuman Running

Published: 2022-02-12
Run 100 Marathons in 100 Days? The Secret to Superhuman Running
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Most people would call the idea crazy. Even in the running world, most think it’s impossible. Can a person run 100 marathons in 100 days without a day off to rest? Would it kill you? And why would someone even try? Those answers and more, keep reading.

I was 39 years old, but not a runner. I was looking for a life-changing goal. You know, the kind that alters the trajectory of your life. For years, I was transforming my life. I eventually became a personal success coach to help others do the same. Working with my clients made me realize something. While I was living a great life, I was not living my life full-out the way I truly wanted. I hadn’t yet done anything epic in my life. So, I started to ask myself a question that changed my life.

“What would I do if I knew I would succeed?”

In other words, if failure was impossible, what would you do? That question haunted me until I heard about Stu Mittleman and his run across America. I thought, “That is the coolest freakin’ thing I have ever heard. I have got to do it.” But there was a big problem … I was not a runner. In fact, I had never really run at all in my entire life.

The dream seemed impossible. So far out-of-reach. If it was possible, only professional athletes would even attempt it. Right? While everyone told me that it was impossible … and I mean everyone, I didn’t disarm myself with that kind of thinking or information. I felt called to do it, almost as if I was born to do it, which made no sense since I wasn’t a runner. But I decided I would do it and that nothing was going to stop me.

Failure was not an option. DNF (did not finish) was not an option either.

How long does it take for an average runner to prepare for their first marathon? 6 months? 1 year? Sometimes many years just to prepare for the first marathon. Most people that start training for a marathon never actually complete a marathon.

Why is that? Because we are conditioned to think about running in primarily one way. I call it the “gird and die” mentality. To race a marathon and get a “personal best” time. To run as hard as possible and finish with nothing left in the tank. Finish on empty. I have heard many coaches say, “If you have more left over, you didn’t run hard enough.”

That is one way of training, and it is effective for certain types of goals, but it is ruthless and excruciating. Your goal is not the same as an elite Boston Marathon winner, so why train like one? Why take the joy and fun out of training?

There is another method for a different type of goal with an interesting outcome. You finish the race with the same time or better. But instead of getting to the finish line with nothing in the tank, you finish as if it was easy so that you can savor the moment and glory of crossing the finish line. You finish feeling great instead of wishing you were dead.

To run across America, I knew that could not train or think like a marathon runner who was out to break a 3-hour marathon time or place in the top 10 of my age group. I needed to do the opposite. I needed to train so that I could wake up the next day and run a marathon again. And the next day and the next day. I had to tap in to the endless resources of slow burn energy we carry in our body.

Do you realize that we are the only animal on the planet designed to run ultra-long distances? Every other animal runs lightning fast, has super strength, swims, flies, or climbs trees. Our ancestors killed animals that were faster, stronger, more agile, and far more dangerous than humans. How did they do that without guns or even bows and arrows? They out ran them. They exhausted the animal until it collapsed from exhaustion. Our human relatives understood how to use the body’s unlimited resource to run miles and miles every day. That was just a part of life and society that they enjoyed.

I didn’t know this information when I started running, but I eventually discovered how to run like our ancestors. It’s what allows me to run a marathon a day across America or run for hundreds of miles nonstop across a desert. Right now, I am training to run from the southern tip of Argentina to the northern coast of Colombia. I will run 6,500 miles (11,000 km) through all of South America.


Because I believe that we are born to follow our passions and do something extraordinary with our lives. Running is one of my passions. Not because I crave to run, but I love the challenge and seeing the world by foot. I love to meet people along the way, explore unknown places and cultures. I love the meditative mindfulness of a back country road and hours of freedom from the worries of daily life. Running is just one of my passions. 

I also believe that we are a kaleidoscope of needs, dreams and passions. We are so much more than just work, eat, sleep and a little bit of playtime. Our purpose is to live in a way that fully expresses who we are, and to reach for our maximum potential as a human, and as a part of the universal source of potentiality. 

Since this is my first article with SportsEdTV, I am starting with a bio. But this isn’t my ordinary bio that you will read on the back of my book covers. I wanted to share with you some thoughts and insights into what drives and what excites me. Part of that is to help you, and to inspire you to live an incredible life and to follow your dreams.

They say that you only live once. That’s not true. You only die once, but you get to live every day. Most people never truly live. Author and philosopher Henry David Thoreau said, “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” Each day, we have a choice. We can live a common life that fits into the norms burdened by the expectations of society, family, and others. Or we can choose to create a life that is an expression of who we are and who we want to be.

There are no limits. Anything is possible. You can literally become anyone you want to be. Do you want to run a marathon? Do it. Do you want to be a millionaire? That’s not only possible, but increasingly common. Did you know that there are over 20 million millionaires in the USA alone? Boom … mind blown! Do you want to live on the beach or on a mountain top, stop dreaming and start making it happen.

Once upon a time, I had the little house with the picket fence. I was married, we had two dogs, and drove a pickup truck. Literally … This is not a country song. I had a job, came home, grabbed a beer, and sat on the sofa watching nighttime sitcoms. At a young age, I achieved more than anyone in my family. I thought I had made it. It was a good life. But it wasn’t fulfilling. So, I was seeking the truths to happiness and success in life. That started my journey and transformation from carpenter wearing a tool belt, to ultra-athlete and author.

Many people tell me that they wish they could live my life. I am free to work or travel as I please. I write books, work from my laptop, live in high-rise penthouse apartments, I live in South America half of the year, and explore the world the other half. This didn’t happen by accident. I chose it, designed it, created it, worked hard to achieve it, and I am constantly improving my life and lifestyle.

I don’t share this with you to brag, but to remind you that this life is meant to be truly lived in our fullest expression. You can and you should create a life that is full of meaning, purpose, and happiness. My run across America and the world record, they are amazing. But following my dreams … that is what life is about. I wish the same for you. I hope to inspire you to start moving in the directions of your dreams, goals and happiness. 

Each month I will write about running, health, fitness, but most importantly, I will share with you the mindset strategies that allow me to be one of the most elite runners in the world, successful burins owner, and live an epic life. My genius is showing you how to program your mind to achieve any goal that you want.

If you have ideas, feedback, or would like to suggest a topic for me to write about, connect with me on Instagram at /croixsather. Or on my website: https://www.croixsather.com/ where you can also get a free success training program.