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Metabolic Training

Published: 2023-09-12
Metabolic Training
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Conditioning the metabolic way often contains tough exercises that don’t deliver a promised result. The authors of Metabolic Training say it is akin to teaching marksmen a ready-fire-aim sequence.

Authors John Graham and Michael Barnes declare their way will catapult training efficiency and get measurable results with metabolic training by organizing it in an effective sequence.

Commonly known as met con or metabolic conditioning, this form of training is often mistaken for any combination of high-intensity exercises. The truth is that grouping exercises together without structure or purpose does not define a training style, Barnes and Graham assert.

In Metabolic Training, Graham and Barnes share their decades of experience designing programs and set the record straight on metabolic training. They explain the concepts behind the training and outline the tested-and-true exercises and programs they use to produce results.

Metabolic Training offers the essentials of metabolic training—from the types of training outcomes it can be used to accomplish to developing and implementing programs. The book also features more than 100 exercises:


  • 13 warm-up exercises
  • 18 total-body exercises
  • 18 lower-body exercises
  • 30 upper-body exercises
  • 14 core exercises
  • 10 functional training exercises


These exercises use body weight and various equipment such as dumbbells, kettlebells, battle ropes, sandbags, weighted sleds, exercise bands, suspension trainers, and medicine balls.

Making Metabolic Training even more valuable are its 60 predesigned workouts, which are the basis of five training programs: endurance, fat loss, lean muscle mass, strength and power, and athletic performance. Each program covers all ability levels, from beginner to advanced, offering progressive difficulty levels as your fitness improves.

With over 100 exercises and 60 workouts, this is the definitive resource on metabolic training.