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Making A Difference Together

Published: 2023-02-06
Making A Difference Together
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Carolyn Glickstein - OTR, MA, CMC, and my favorite PPR

Yes, PPR are the most recently acquired initials that follow my name. I am proud. I love Pickleball and I love being a Pickleball coach. And I love connecting with people whether it’s on or off the court.  “Making a Difference" has been born.


What is Pickleball?

For the ones who do not know, Pickleball is a paddle sport that combines elements of badminton, tennis, and table tennis. It is played on a smaller court with a perforated plastic ball and lightweight paddles. To learn more about pickleball, you can watch this video that provides an introduction to the game, its rules, and how to play.



Having coached high school tennis for 15 years, and then orchestrating a tennis event for 5 years raising money for ALS, I was ready to move on to my newfound passion: PICKLEBALL.

Making a difference in someone’s life has been a focus for me in my work-whether as a Professional Aging Life Care specialist. keeping seniors safe in their homes as they age or showing the new pickleball player where and when to move on the court, I feel fulfilled.

Working with families to navigate the complexities of the healthcare system (for over 25 years) and working with players and their partners to learn strategies on the court can be a challenge, but the goal is the same:  a win-win.

While coaching players is my passion, I am looking to “make a difference” in an additional way. Combining Pickleball with helping folks stay well has led me to my niche fundraising for a cause using Pickleball as the vehicle. Merging fun with the benefits of Pickleball, all while raising money to support the community in dealing with difficult issues.



“Making a difference” focuses on maintaining the physical and mental health of the individual. We all know that exercise promotes health. Played at any level, pickleball provides many opportunities for enhancing the connections between the body and mind.  Pickleball increases cognitive functioning. Players develop faster reflexes, stronger muscles, better eye/hand coordination, and better balance. And better memory.  Meeting new people and playing with friends all help to increase the dopamine level and with it a feeling of well-being. “Making a Difference” will support the community in its efforts to fund organizations to help find treatments, cures, and resources.  

Participating in an event adds to the dopamine boost. Most importantly, playing Pickleball affords everyone the opportunity to enjoy friends, sharpen their skills, and, at times, laugh out loud.

I invite you to join me for a lesson or an event and together we will “Make a Difference”.