Carolyn Glickstein,
Senior Contributor

Carolyn Glickstein is a certified pickleball coach, found in the sport’s Pickleball Professional Registry (PPR) a designation she proudly presents alongside a litany of other professional certifications.

In a life dedicated to adult health, Carolyn is an Emeritus Aging Life Care Professional (1996-).

Making a difference in someone’s life has been a longtime focus of her work as a Professional Aging Life Care specialist -keeping seniors safe in their homes as they age or showing the new pickleball player where and when to move on the court. Ff Glickstein had her way - every independent and assisted living facility in the country would have a pickleball court! For residents, guests, and staff creating good health and building an inter generational connection.

She coached high school tennis for 15 years, and managed tennis events for 5 years raising money for ALS before pickleball became her new passion and as she describes "her lifesaver."

Combining Pickleball with helping folks stay well has led Carolyn to develop niche fundraising for a cause using pickleball as the vehicle. Merging fun with the benefits of pickleball, all while raising money to support the community in dealing with complex issues.

Her program, “Making a Difference” focuses on maintaining individuals' physical and mental health, maintaining that played at any level, pickleball provides opportunities for enhancing the body and mind’s connections. Pickleball increases cognitive functioning. Players develop faster reflexes, stronger muscles, better eye/hand coordination, better balance, and better memory.

Meeting new people and playing with friends all help to increase the dopamine level and with it a feeling of well-being. “Making a Difference” will support the community in its efforts to fund organizations to help find treatments, cures, and resources

Participating in an event adds to the dopamine boost. Most importantly playing Pickleball allows everyone to enjoy friends, sharpen their skills and at times laugh out loud, a Carolyn Glickstein's favorite pickleball healthy byproduct.