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Heads Up on Head Hurts

Published: 2022-02-10
Heads Up on Head Hurts
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Bob Saget’s tragic death from “head trauma” calls to mind the death of Natasha Richardson from an epidural hematoma (EDH) after a fall while skiing.  More

While death from EDH is relatively rare when recognized and appropriately managed surgically, individuals who innocently “fall and hit their heads” when alone and fail to let someone, anyone know maybe risking this tragic end.

The problem is how do we maintain a healthy caution and awareness without becoming neurotic messes with every impact to our head?

One minimal threshold for concern would be a fall or impact to the head that wasn’t able to be cushioned or braced for with an outstretched arm or “tuck and roll”. 

Were that to occur when alone, CALL someone and tell them so they can check in on you.

Don’t feel embarrassed. Even if you were indulging in alcohol.

Our world might not have lost two amazing entertainers had this happened.