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SportsEdTV Teams Up With TeachAids

Published: 2021-09-10
SportsEdTV Teams Up With TeachAids
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Sports, of course, are SportsEdTV's bread, butter, and oxygen. It's where we live and breathe. Threatening our world are concussions — as many as 2.5 million yearly in America alone.

Millions of athletes, parents, and coaches visit our world-class coaching videos. We'll put our instructional chops up against anybody.  

When it comes to medicine, though, we know what we don’t know. So, we’re partnering with Stanford University spinoff, TeachAids, undoubtedly the leader in sports concussion education.

TeachAids developed the CrashCourse concussion education product suite in collaboration with world-class medical, sports, and education experts. 

We are distributing TeachAids’ award-winning and free, video-based interactive learning experiences advertising-free because it is the right thing to do and our distribution muscle will get this necessary story out fast and wide.  

TeachAids CrashCourse messaging aims to raise awareness of the latest science around concussions to shift the conversation away from fear and silence toward one of knowledge and empowerment. 

CrashCourse was designed to educate those interested in promoting brain health including the entire sports community of players, parents, coaches, and officials.


Product 1: CrashCourse Concussion Education

This fundamental CrashCourse Concussion education video was created with user-centered formative design research studies. It synthesizes first-person and third-person experiential perspectives to inform and motivate learning about concussion signs and symptoms.

CrashCourse corrects myths and misconceptions. It emphasizes the seriousness of recognizing, reporting, and understanding the importance of working with a physician to determine the best strategy for improvement. 

Another prevalent risk aptly presented in the video below — Stay in The Game or Take a Knee — is the moral dilemma faced by athletes and coaches — that is whether to shake off the effects of an apparent injury and continue to compete or opting to seek appropriate medical attention.   


Product 2: CrashCourse Brain Fly-Through

CrashCourse integrates these topics into a narrative story-driven format with the learner at the center of the education experience as in another video called CrashCourse Brain Fly-Through and uses cutting edge technology from Stanford University’s Neurosurgical Simulation and Virtual Reality Center. 

CrashCourse Brain Fly-Through conceptualizes an otherwise "invisible injury". Using dramatic race footage from world mountain biking champion Kate Courtney, coupled with her own concussion experience, this product takes the viewer on a journey through the human brain.

The fly-through showcases the brain's blood vessels, nervous system, and cerebrospinal fluid cavities while emphasizing the complexity and fragility of the brain – as well as the importance of its caring.

CrashCourse Brain Fly-Through was launched in collaboration with the USA Olympic and Paralympic Committee’s national sports governing bodies including USA Archery, USA Artistic Swimming, USA Baseball, USA Bobsled & Skeleton, USA Cycling, USA Diving, USA Fencing, USA Field Hockey, USA Football, USA Gymnastics, USA Hockey, USA Lacrosse, US Ski & Snowboard, USA Speedskating, USA Taekwondo, USA Triathlon, and USA Wrestling.

An additional resource is a Discussion Guide to complement the Brain-Fly Through product.


Product 3: CrashCourse Concussion Story Wall

In a powerful display of research and collaboration, the TeachAids CrashCourse Concussion Story Wall is an interactive database of more than 4,000 video stories relating to how an injury occurred, the symptoms experienced, and personal insights from those who have been injured by a concussion. 

It includes a panel of the world’s leading medical experts addressing specific aspects of concussions. This product is intended as a comprehensive mental health resource for the many who are impacted - including athletes, parents, coaches, officials, teachers, and military veterans. 

A key goal is combating stigma and communicating best health practices. The CrashCourse Concussion Story Wall serves as a referral source for athletic trainers, rehab specialists, physicians, and concussion clinics.

The CrashCourse Concussion Story Wall is presented in collaboration with the Brain Injury Association of America, the National Council of Youth Sports, VA Palo Alto Health Care System, Stanford Program on International and Cross-Cultural Education, and 19 of the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee's National Governing Bodies, which include: USA Archery, USA Artistic Swimming, USA Baseball, USA Bobsled & Skeleton, USA Cycling, USA Diving, USA Fencing, USA Field Hockey, USA Football, USA Gymnastics, USA Hockey, USA Karate, USA Lacrosse, USA Ski & Snowboard, USA Soccer, USA Speedskating, USA Taekwondo, USA Triathlon, and USA Wrestling. The CDC has integrated the Concussion Story Wall as a resource for head injuries.  

SportsEdTV is proud to collaborate with TeachAids and do some heavy lifting in the message distribution effort. It is the right thing to do.