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Can Fast Food Be Part of a Young Athlete’s Diet?

Published: 2022-01-21
Can Fast Food Be Part of a Young Athlete’s Diet?
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As a working Mom of three young athletes (a.k.a. BUSY KIDS!!!), I know the time constraints put on families to get proper meals on the table.

Sometimes there just isn't time between school, work, and practice. Do I recommend using the drive-thru as a regular fuel source for performance?  NO!

But I also understand that sometimes, you simply don't have a choice but to find a convenient option for your family. Below, I've laid out some of my tips and tricks to getting the best options when you're stuck for time.

Stop the Pop

Avoid the super sugary drinks and you're halfway there. These drinks have nothing in them that will help with your performance. Stick to water for hydration.

Trim the Fat

High-fat items such as deep-fried foods, burgers, and condiments like mayonnaise will sit in your belly like a brick. Go for grilled, poached, or baked options whenever possible so your body can perform at its best.

Plan Ahead

In the car but still have a few minutes to spare? Check the nutrition information on the restaurant's website. You can usually find the foods that will be best for you instead of making a quick decision while waiting in line.

Carbs Are Good

Think sandwiches, bagels, and wraps. These are still "fast" foods but are generally healthier than some other options.


Soup and a bun is a great option. Just be sure to stick to broth-based soups and see if there is one with some veggies like minestrone, beef & barley, or chicken noodle.

The Grocery Store

Yes, fast food places are convenient but so are grocery stores! Grab a bun from the deli, a fruit cup from the produce section, and even coffee shops offer egg bites and healthy options these days.

Of course, the best option is to bring something with you from home. Remember, fuelling for a busy schedule doesn't have to be difficult. Smoothies, wraps, energy bites, trail mix, or fruit & yogurt are great options to give you the energy to make it through practice.

Want to ditch the drive-thru? Get my three-step free guide here: https://www.hockeysnacks.com/opt-in