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4 Essential Youth Soccer Ladder Drills

Published: 2022-07-27
4 Essential Youth Soccer Ladder Drills
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 Ladder drills are a great way for players to improve coordination, balance, and foot speed. These can be done individually or as part of a team training session. Ladder drills make great additions to most warm-up or fitness portions of practice. These 4 youth soccer ladder drills are perfect for players aged 10-13 and help them develop the necessary skills for succeeding on the field.


The Shoulder Drop

This ladder drill incorporates a shoulder drop to one side, and then a change of direction to the other side. This is a motion that is often used while dribbling, using the drop of the shoulder to send the defender the wrong way. Practicing this ladder drill also helps defenders stay balanced and change direction quickly to stay with their mark. Players should make sure to pump their arms and stay on the balls of their feet as they progress through the ladder. Prioritize intensity and good form.


The Icky Shuffle Drill

The icky shuffle helps players develop coordination and footspeed. It requires them to move through the ladder and stay balanced while changing directions. It can be a great inclusion in a warmup. Consider using it as the first ladder drill in a series of actions, such as following it with a sprint to a cone at the end. Once warmed up, players should move through as quickly as possible while maintaining proper form.



The Samba Drill

This ladder drill is essential for soccer players because it incorporates the opening of the hips. Players often must open their hips on the field to receive a pass in a new direction. All positions, from goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders, and attackers, must get very comfortable with this motion.



Cone Switch Drill

The ladder cone switch incorporates a reactive component, where players must adapt to the cones. This forces players to stay attentive and think, as a match will always require. Vary the location of the cones to ensure players have to keep adapting to new patterns. For more cognitive training, check out FITLIGHT products and get a 10% discount with the code SETV10.