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21st Century Volleyball Expertise

Published: 2021-07-27
21st Century Volleyball Expertise
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The importance of the act of writing epitomizes the meaning of coaching. Good volleyball coaches write their lesson plans, practice plans, and their reflections so he/she can document and improve his/her praxis. The purpose of this article is to disseminate an important volleyball resource for volleyball players, coaches, administrators, parents, and scholars. This book, 21st Century Volleyball Expertise, represents the most current information on modern volleyball. It is a simple but meaningful book that addresses multiple issues of the utmost relevance for our volleyball community in this 21st Century. Dr. Gylton Da Matta and other collaborators from around the world presented several subjects concerning elite training for volleyball athletes.

Figure 1. 21st Century Volleyball Expertise book cover.

For instance, the subjects in this book reflect teaching volleyball in different cultures (Brazil, Spain, Germany, and the Netherlands), teaching tactics and skills techniques from beginners to experts' volleyball athletes, periodization, recruitment, playing volleyball abroad, and management. The chapters and their authors are detailed in Figure 2.

Figure 2. Book chapters and their respective authors.

Figure 3. Photo of the collaborating authors of the book. All contributors from multiple countries and backgrounds (Flags denote nationality/affiliation).

The 21st Century Volleyball book is endorsed by two world-class coaches, Bernardo Rezende - Bernardinho (two-time Olympic champion of the Brazilian National Team) and John Cook (four times NCAA champion of the Nebraska Volleyball Team and Hall of Fame).

Figure 4. Endorsement of the book through the preface by Bernardo Rezende (Brazil) & John Cook (USA).


I would like to recognize many friends who have contributed tremendously to the conclusion of this project. I would like to say thanks to all authors and collaborators who are worldly renowned volleyball people and now members of the Editorial Board (VIBES Editorial Group SportsEdTV Foundation) to revise, write, promote events, and do clinics with me in the United States and around the world, through our SportsEdTV Foundation. I also would like to say thanks to SportsEdTV through my friend Victor Bergonzoli (CEO SportsEdTV), who has supported this project from its concept till its final publication. To all of you, THANK YOU! Sincerely,

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Leandro Dutra, Ph.D. Candidate Federal University of Minas Gerais-Brazil. dutraln@gmail.com

Author of chapters:

Tactical Evaluation in Volleyball - A Multicultural Expertise Analysis. In: 21st Century Volleyball Expertise. SportsEdTV publisher.

Expert Mindset on Serving and the Correlation Between Offensive and Defensive Complexes at World-class Volleyball - KI and KII Analyzed. In: 21st Century Volleyball Expertise. SportsEdTV publisher.

Passing expertise elite training and refinement strategies for advanced players. In: 21st Century Volleyball Expertise. SportsEdTV publisher.

Gylton Da Matta, Ph.D. Colorado State University and Volleyball Executive Director SportsEdTV. gdamatta@sportsedtv.com

Da Matta, G.B. (Editor) 21st Century Volleyball Expertise. SportsEdTV Publisher: Miami, FL, USA.