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21st Century Volleyball Expertise

Published: 2022-07-05
21st Century Volleyball Expertise
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The greatest coaching advisories in the sport of volleyball have been assembled by Dr. Gylton Da Matta, himself a renowned student and coach of the globally popular sport.

21st Century Volleyball Expertise is for the thousands of volleyball coaches at every level of the game.  It is destined to be the go-to-reference publication for volleyball instruction.

Dr. Da Matta has assembled a collection of volleyball famous coaches who spiritedly share their wisdom, technologies, strategies, and techniques in a work rich in illustration and narrative.


Editor and author Dr. Da Matta is the subject of an amazing human success story.

“Of this 21st Century Volleyball Expertise, we present and reflect upon best practices, coaching expertise, athletes’ excellence, higher education, and sports scientific issues," he says.

“21st Century Volleyball Expertise is addressed towards expert coaches and elite athletes. There is a huge demand for an applied science book that is rooted in top volleyball scholarship to answer the deepest questions of elite coaching and provide a better understanding of volleyball as a social phenomenon. This book organizes and focuses on the modern methodologies of practice, and innovation and it is supported by the reality of modern volleyball as it has been expressed in the Nations Volleyball League, Olympic Games, and recent World Championships,” Dr. Da Matta opines.

Of interest to the entire volleyball community will be the stellar collection of high-profile volleyball coaches and scholars who have participated in creating 21st Century Volleyball Expertise as the ultimate coaching resource in the game.

The contributing co-authors include:

Prof. Danilo Gomes Arruda (Brazil) is an outstanding volleyball coach for children U14. Prof. Danilo is now a graduate student at the University of Wyoming holding a graduate assistantship in the Sports Science and Motor Learning Department. Prof. Danilo has worked for two years with Dr. Da Matta at YOSA, in Fort Collins Colorado. Danilo is writing about movement variability and performance indicators that will provide a clear parameter for coaches to assess efficient movements by specific positions through the measurement of entropy and its applications of units of variability as it is related to energy economy (efficiency energy expenditure). Together, Prof. Danilo and I are researching methods of training, game analyses, complex systems, and applied motor learning theories in volleyball such as the Deliberate Practice Theory, the Ecological Systems Theory, and the Focus of Attention Theory.

Prof. Jordi Català (Spain) is a Ph.D. Candidate through the University of Barcelona. Prof. Jordi is the most successful volleyball coach in U20 in the past 5 years. In 2019, Prof. Jordi was the runner-up in the Royal Spanish Federation. His studies on the variability of movement have been merged with Dr. Da Matta's matrix of technical & tactical development to generate models for injury prevention and performance enhancement in women's volleyball. This matrix is also a teaching tool that can be adapted or modified into different stages of learning by male and female players across different levels of expertise.

Prof. Leandro Dutra (Brazil) is a two-time medalist-- Gold Medal and Silver Medal in the FIVB World Championships U21. He is a Ph.D. Student (internationalization program) temporary employee at the Nebraska Athletic Performance Laboratory at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He has international professional experience involving being a coach of the BrazilianU21 Men's Volleyball National Teams when he worked as a performance analyst (scouter) and assistant coach for 12 years (from 2006 to 2017). During this period, he participated in international competitions, including 8 South American, 2 Pan American Cups, and 6 World Championships. He is an instructor of the Brazilian Volleyball Confederation. Leandro has been an outstanding contributor to this book. Leandro has done some formatting as well as provided his input checking all references and recent publications in the field. 

Prof. Antonio Marcos Lerbach (Brazil) is a former coach and former supervisor of the Brazilian Volleyball Federation. Five times volleyball World Champion U19, U21, now is a coach's advisor in Japan. Prof. Marcos Lerbach or simply "Marquinhos", is an amazing coach and volleyball expert. Marquinhos worked diligently from 1982 through 1988 with Bebeto de Freitas and with Jorge Barros as a strength training and conditioning, statistician, game analyst, coach, supervisor, and assistant coach. Marquinhos has also been a key person in the development of young talent in Brazilian Men's volleyball. Marquinhos is a disciplinarian, an educator, and a tough coach, but his tenacity and tough determination have transformed Brazilian youth and junior teams into World Champions and elite players. Due to Marquinhos's work as a Head Coach and as a leadership figure in Brazilian Sports, Marquinhos has received high honors from the Brazilian President, twice. In 2021, Marquinhos became a Head Coach at the Japanese Women's League and have been very successful. 

Prof. Jan Meier (Germany) Elite volleyball coach at the professional league in Germany. Prof. Jan has expertise in conditioning and the use of technology in volleyball. Dedicated to the process to develop elite athletes. Prof. Jan is proud to be a person who has impacted the sport of volleyball in Germany and he does not hide the eminent desire to continue to learn and to continue to develop top athletes in Europe. Every year dozens of American players go to Europe to play volleyball. Prof. Jan has provided great information that will be useful to guide men and women volleyball players to find the best path towards extending their volleyball careers.

Prof. Abe Meininger (Netherland) is a former technical evaluator of the FIVB. A great colleague and knowledgeable volleyball expert. Prof. Abe was my mentor in elite game analysis in 2010 in the Tokyo World Championships game analysis.

Prof. Dr. Afonso Neves (Portugal) & Dra. Isabel Mesquita (Portugal) Top scholars of the traditional University of Porto in Portugal. Prof. Afonso e Dra. Isabel studied sports pedagogy, sports sciences, and the methodology of volleyball. Profa. Isabel Mesquita was a colleague and collaborator in the International Volleyball Symposium held in Morroco, during the World Congress of the International Society of Sports Psychology. Both Dr. Afonso Neves and Dra. Isabel Mesquita have been outstanding volleyball coaches for the Portuguese National Teams. The outstanding work, as Higher Education authorities and volleyball coaching education experts, is unparalleled. The fact that volleyball coaches from Portugal are well respected in the world has a lot to do with the work of both Dr. Afonso Neves and Dra. Isabel Mesquita.

Mr. Bernardo Rezende (Bernardinho) is considered one of the best volleyball coaches in modern times and in all times. Bernardo's knowledge, expertise, and tenacity have been key to the success of all of his teams. Today, Bernardo is the Head Coach and general manager of the SESC Rio Women's Volleyball team which plays in the very competitive Brazilian professional league. Bernardo has been a volleyball collaborator for decades. And now, Bernardo is opening his club and his volleyball school so SportsEdTV can produce the instructional videos in Rio. So, we can film women's and men's volleyball and we can also go to Rio to produce instructional videos for elite youth players. I have worked with Bernardo in 2 internships abroad and in 2001/2002, he was one of the participants in the data collection for my dissertation. In 2008, he was a collaborator in the development of my volleyball assessment matrix for technical development. In 2012, we did the coaches' education and coach's exchange. He was a remote participant and I was the Master Coach for the Reference's Coach Seminar ("Tecnicos de Referencia"). In 2015, I did a follow-up data collection on the amount of practice in preparation for the 2016 Olympics in which I collected online a summary of Bernardinho's coaching philosophy about the use of technology and the role of statistical software for on-court decision-making process. 

Prof. Ricardo Tabach (Brazil) is a former volleyball colleague and friend since 1984. A dedicated coach and very competent teacher, in 1993, Prof. Tabach was invited by Bernardo Rezende to be his assistant. Together they have won 7 World Professional League Championships and three FIVB Men's World Championships. Prof. Tabach is Bronze Medalist in the Olympics in Atlanta, in 1996, and Sydney, in 2000. In 2004, in an epic final with Italy, Tabach earned the Gold medal in the Olympics in Athens then he was Silver Medalist in the Olympics in Beijing, 2008, and Gold Medalist in the Olympics in Rio 2016. Prof. Ricardo Tabach is a collaborator and co-author with Dr. Da Matta. In 2021, both will design instructional videos and document the preparation of the Brazilian Volleyball teams for the Tokyo 2021 Olympics.

Dr. Daniel Teixeira is a researcher on Sports Management and a teacher educator at Pontifice University Catholic of Minas Gerais, Brazil (PUC-Minas).  Dr. Daniel has studied extensively the role of volleyball in social development and also how Brazil has negotiated to invest in social programs while also developing expert volleyball and soccer players. His most recent studies reflect the role of modern sports management in the development of elite performance and the implementation of management and governance principles guided by the voices and expertise of coaches.  Dr. Daniel is a collaborator with Dr. Gylton Da Matta in the implementation of technology systems and new advancements in technology in the management of professional volleyball teams and elite performance. 

Prof. Roberley L. Leonaldo (Rubinho) is a Gold medalist in the Olympics in Rio 2016. He is also a Head Coach U23 World Champion and has two Olympic Silver Medals in Beijing, 2008 and London 2012. As a Head Coach of the SESI-Bauru in Sao Paulo, Rubinho has accomplished top results in the Superliga with the Women's team.  Rubinho has developed a system of game observation and game analysis that goes beyond statistics. His versatility and expertise allow him to apply scientific principles of sports coaching in training middles, liberos, outside hitters, and setters. Rubinho has hosted the International Volleyball Conference that brought new technical and tactical possibilities in the World League, U23 World Championship, Volleyball World Cup, and the Rio 2016 Olympics, in which his teams won all tournaments. In Chapter XII, he interviewed all top setters in the World and reported strategies for setter’s development, which is a major need around the globe.