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Brazil Volleyball’s Route to the 2022 World Championship

Published: 2022-05-18
Brazil Volleyball’s Route to the 2022 World Championship
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Over the past 20 years, Brazil has shined at the top rankings of FIVB volleyball competitions.  In 2022, the Men's Volleyball team has started to work very hard and has shown that in 2022, they mean business.

The expertise development research postulates that an expert must develop other experts, so, in the case of volleyball, men's volleyball is on the right track. 

 Renan Dal Zotto, considered by the international volleyball community as one of the best players ever, is now leading the Brazilian Volleyball team to work, with the quality and intensity of a true contender.  A nice invitation from Prof. Tabach and Head Coach, Prof. Renan, was a positive and fruitful surprise, and I accepted the invitation cordially and friendly.

 Prof. Renan leads the 6 v 6 scrimmage in high intensity and competitiveness.


Inspired to share his knowledge and expertise with other colleagues across the world (and primarily with physical educators and youth volleyball teachers), Prof. Renan invited me to document and register the preparation of the men’s volleyball team for the FIVB international competitions in 2022, and perhaps, we will continue throughout the Olympic cycle until 2024.  

“ Gyltinho, why don’t you get here and document what it takes to train to become a world champion? We need to show our youth how to become better people…better students…better citizens,”   Renan Dal Zotto, sent on May 4, 2022, a year after returning from an induced coma due to COVID-19.

The invitation was confirmed by Adriana Behar, on December 03 of 2021.  From April 12 through May 8, non-stop, I immersed 100%, at the Center of Development for Volleyball (CDV) to film, photograph, interview, and document the preparation of the senior Brazilian men's volleyball team in preparation for the NVL (Nations Volleyball League) as well as the FIVB 2022 World Championship in Poland & Slovenia.  The initiative counted on the support of Prof. Julia Silva (General Manager of Select Teams) and Prof. Paulo de Tarso (CDV Administrator), and all stellar staff from the CDV.  

Despite the hard-working environment and the high level of intensity of practices, both players and the coaching staff are always demonstrating a sense of work ethic, gratitude, and humbleness. 

From April 12 through May 9th: Joyful encounters were a constant.

But what impressed me the most was the rapport between Renan and all players.  There was a huge connection between older players, newbies, and the whole coaching staff.  Every Wednesday, the men's national team enjoys a Brazilian BBQ by the pool at the CDV.  Players, coaches, and staff celebrate the duty of practicing so hard balancing it all with fun moments of true enjoyment and celebration.  On May 4th, the whole team celebrated the day Renan returned from being intubated for two months due to complications after being infected with COVID-19.  That was a special moment and the highlight of the whole trip to Brazil.

Renan and the coaching staff of Brazil have been focused on the players. The practice, weight training, and season planning have been done with the input of this group of professionals who are determined to compete for the World title in 2022. 

Now Bruninho Rezende, team captain as well as all members of the main team, Ricardo Luccarelli, Leal, Izac, Alan, and others, will engage in a new phase of training intensifying technical, physical, and tactical preparedness for the FIVB National Volleyball League (NVL).