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What to Pack on a Volleyball Trip?

Published: 2022-04-08
What to Pack on a Volleyball Trip?
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If you are new to the volleyball world, keep in mind that volleyball trips and tournaments are more fun when you pack everything you need. Newcomers might have a tough time remembering what to pack and what is essential when playing an away game. This blog intends to facilitate the volleyball trip checklist for parents, players, and coaches.

First, in a volleyball tournament, you will be sitting a lot in between games. If you are a parent, coach, or athlete, remember to pack comfortable clothes and shoes, as well as snacks and water. Most importantly, athletes should dress in layers given that they will be either cold in the bleaches, warm on the warm-up, or extremely hot after a game.

After a full day of competition, you will have more than volleyball to do. Always be prepared to hit the hotel pool after a long day of matches, and pack clothes to go out to dinner, nothing too fancy. Check out the essentials for athletes on a volleyball trip:



  1. Volleyball shoes
  2. Multiple pairs of socks
  3. Jerseys (Bring all your Jerseys)
  4. Kneepads and other accessories you play with (headbands, compression socks, ankle brace)
  5. Water bottle
  6. Phone charger
  7. Tape
  8. Hoodie, sweatpants, t-shirts, underwear, sneakers
  9. Convenient snacks (granola bars, trail mix)
  10. Toiletry kit
  11. Wallet
  12. Pillow



Coaches’ Essentials

For coaches, your essentials may look different than your athletes, and to succeed and take everything you need on a volleyball trip, there are a few steps to follow. First, make sure your athletes have everything you need and bring all the essentials of the list above since athletes might get distracted and anxious before a match. I would suggest coaches delegate this task to an assistant coach to check in on the athletes’ checklists.

Second, after making sure the athletes have all they need, start working on yourselves. Technology is something a coach cannot forget on a volleyball trip. So before traveling check the boxes for cameras, iPad, laptops, chargers, extensions, adaptors, and cords. This will ensure coaches have all they need to film other teams' games and pass that information to their athletes.


Third, coaches should have the logistics and schedule done before hopping on the bus, van, plane, or whatever it is. Athletes like to have an organized coach and to know what to expect on the trip. Coach, make sure you have figured out dining places, breakfast time, and the lunch schedule at least two days ahead to make the trip smoother.



Also, check the list below:

  1. Technology (iPad, laptop, charger, adaptor, cord)
  2. Schedule
  3. Possible dining places
  4. Nice shoes
  5. Polo shirt (check the tournament rules, coaches may be required to dress a certain way)
  6. Payment method (if the organization is paying for the meals and others)
  7. Binder
  8. Medkit


Parents' Essentials


Parents, preparing for a volleyball trip can be as exciting as it is for your kids. Watching your kids play a sport is exciting and can get you anxious. That is why you should be prepared to face this volleyball weekend and do not forget the parents' essentials.

First, bring snacks. When your kids are not in a match or preparing for a match, they will be hungry, and most of the time the best option will be a light snack since volleyball athletes need to feel light and fast to dive and jump through the whole match. For that, I would recommend granola bars, fruits packed in a container to avoid them from leaking, light sandwiches, vitamin water, and electrolytes.

Second, make sure to always have your phone charged since you will be taking many pictures and recording highlights of your kid's match. I would suggest you bring a power bank, sometimes it can be difficult to find a convenient outlet at a gym. Also, bring some entertainment for yourself, it can be a book, iPad, or any other thing to pass the time.

Third, do not forget your wallet. It includes credit cards, ID and keys to be prepared for the trip. Moreover, check the list below:

  1.  Snacks
  2. Chargers
  3. Power Bank
  4. Wallet
  5. Book
  6. iPad
  7. ID


For a few bonus ideas, be sure to check the local weather of the place you are traveling to before leaving home. Also, make sure to ask questions of your coach before packing to know what to expect. And share this blog with your teammates and people you are traveling with so then you are all prepared to have a fun volleyball trip!