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What Keeps Athletes Enduring Repetition of Train, Eat, Sleep, Repeat?

Published: 2021-09-14
What Keeps Athletes Enduring Repetition of Train, Eat, Sleep, Repeat?
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Coaching is teaching

I’ve reached a point in my coaching career where it isn't about my skillset for training athletes for speed development and athletic enhancement, but more about their overall well-being as a person.

After all the cues and different methods of training have been applied for a specific goal I ask myself “What is your why?”

Why are you here? What keeps you enduring the repetition of train, eat, sleep repeat?

There has to be a deeper reason to endure the relentless pressure of competing as a youth athlete for the aspirations of earning a scholarship or even the rarity of a professional career.

They usually “ I got you coach” when responding to a teachable moment. I may be biased when saying it’s a “Brooklyn thing” but it’s a universal phrase. My response back is usually comedic saying “don’t get me, get yourself, I’m good”

You can only control what you do. You choose to work to be great or not.

This athletic life has been a blessing since day one once I formed my company Neuro Kinetics Performance System in 2014.

Train the will, the body must comply is more than a company slogan. It's the DNA of my training methodology. No gimmicks or fluff just develop your will to achieve what you naturally have inside you all along. I'm humbled by the trust that my athletes, parents, and clients have put in me over the years to simply guide them along the way.

Muscular Strength Endurance ● Energy System Development ● Hypertrophy ● Functional Mobility  Speed ● Agility ● Quickness ● Power ● Mental Acumen  ● Fun

Fun is the foundational principle of my training philosophy.

If you aren’t having fun in the process why are you even here?

The joy of training and competing has to go hand in hand with accomplishing any athletic goal. After all, it’s a kid’s game, and keeping that alive for me is mission priority number one.

By Alric Donaldson