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Weightlifting Success: The Importance of Setting 100% Goal Figures

Published: 2024-07-09
Weightlifting Success: The Importance of Setting 100% Goal Figures
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Many inexperienced lifters take a rather non-methodical approach to progress. This is not the best or most effective way to make consistent progress. I want to spend some time here discussing the process of goal setting and how it might affect future progress.


Setting Goals for Each Macrocycle

One of the most important aspects of weightlifting progress is the establishment of goals for each macrocycle. This involves determining the goal weights to be lifted in the next competition. These will be the 100% weights to be attempted.


Focus and Balance in Training

By determining these goal figures, the lifter can stay focused on the progress to be made at the conclusion of the macrocycle. These figures will also help to keep the training balanced.


Establishing the 100% Figures

Four 100% figures should be determined at the beginning of each macrocycle with the assistance of a coach. They are as follows:


  • Snatch
  • Clean & Jerk
  • Front Squat
  • Back Squat


Recommended Percentages for Goal Weights

As a guideline, the snatch goal weight should be approximately 80% of the clean and jerk goal. The front squat should be at least 105% of the clean and jerk goal, and the back squat should be approximately 130% of the clean and jerk goal. If your figures are significantly disparate from the recommended percentages, you should plan on bringing them into line over several macrocycles. Keeping the proper intensities in the training will ensure that speed gains accompany strength gains.





Exercise Intensities Based on 100% Figures

All snatch exercises (power snatches, snatch pulls, extensions, and deadlifts) should be based on the snatch 100%. All clean & jerk exercises (power cleans, clean pulls, extensions, deadlifts, power jerks, jerks, and push presses) should be based on the clean & jerk 100% goal weight.


Expectations During Mesocycles

100% figures will, in all likelihood, not be achieved during the preparation of mesocycles in the snatch and clean & jerk exercises. The athlete should not be concerned with these lower intensities at this point. During the pre-competition mesocycle, 100% figures may be attempted, but in most cases, probably won’t be achieved. The athlete, however, should begin to think about achieving the goal weights in the upcoming competition.




Strategy for Competition Attempts

When the meet finally arrives, the first attempt should be approximately 94% of the goal weights. The second attempt should be selected at approximately 97% of the goal weight. The third and final attempt should be lifted at the 100% goal weight.

Now, attempts may have to be adjusted if the second attempt is very easily done, which may then merit an increase in the 100% figure. An attempt may have to be taken to accommodate the competitive aspect of the meet. So, the third attempt is not etched in stone, but every effort must be made to give the athlete an attempt at a 100% goal weight.




Adjusting and Achieving the 100% Figures

Keep in mind that everything may not go according to plan. Several macrocycles must be attempted before the desired 100% figures can be reached consistently. This system works well, however, and provides a strategy that enables the athlete to focus on goal 100% figures during the final month of the macrocycles.