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Weightlifting: Go Into The Competition With a Plan

Published: 2023-11-14
Weightlifting: Go Into The Competition With a Plan
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You should always enter a meet with a plan.  This plan should be based on achieving goals and developed with a coach's assistance and/or oversight. 


In most cases, it should be to achieve 3 PRs. 


Other reasonable goals may be:


  • Setting state records
  • Beating a rival or teammate
  • Qualifying for a higher-level competition
  • Matching PRs when coming back from a layoff or injury
  • Achieving a higher placing
  • Winning a bet
  • Scoring team points




Goal weights for a competition would ideally be the 100% figures that were used in the training program leading up to the competition, but a slight injury or life interference might dictate lower figures.  Ideally, the warm-ups should be 60%, 70%, 80%, 85%, and 90%, with the first competitive lift taken at 94% of the goal weight.   

If you are lifting to beat a rival or place higher, a deviation from the plan should be reserved for the 2nd and 3rd attempts of the clean &; jerk. 

Goals can only be achieved by successfully completing lifts, so your focus should be on the execution of the lifts.  Strategic considerations should be left up to the coach if possible.  Thinking about tactics can be distracting. 

Each meet is an opportunity to improve your competitive skills unless you are a veteran competitor.  Each competition provides an opportunity to enter into an altered state, physiologically and psychologically.  When in this altered state, you can achieve feats that are otherwise not possible.  Learning to use the altered state is part of your development as an athlete. 


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