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Try These 5 Youth Soccer Drills To Master Dribbling

Published: 2023-12-06
Try These 5 Youth Soccer Drills To Master Dribbling
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Soccer is a sport that demands a combination of skill, agility, and precision. One fundamental skill that can set a player apart on the field is dribbling. Mastering this skill not only enhances a player's ability to maneuver around opponents but also boosts confidence on the field. In this article, we'll delve into five youth soccer drills to master dribbling and elevate your game to the next level.


The Cruyff Turn:

Named after the legendary Dutch player Johan Cruyff, the Cruyff Turn is a classic move used to fool defenders. To execute it, start by approaching the defender at a slight angle. Plant your non-dominant foot beside the ball and use the inside of your dominant foot to drag the ball behind your standing leg. Simultaneously, pivot on your non-dominant foot, leaving the defender confused as you change direction.

This drill not only enhances dribbling but also emphasizes the importance of body feints and quick footwork. 



Diamond Dribbling Reaction Drills with 4 Fitlights:

Incorporating technology into soccer drills is a great way to add extra difficulty and challenge, especially while training alone. The Diamond Dribbling Reaction Drill using Fitlights works on agility, reaction time, and dribbling skills.

Set up four Fitlights in the shape of a diamond, with each light representing a point. The player starts with the ball at the center of the diamond and, upon a signal, dribbles to touch each light as they activate. This not only sharpens dribbling skills but also enhances peripheral vision, quick decision-making, and spatial awareness.

As the player moves between the Fitlights, they must maintain control of the ball. The unpredictable nature of the drill forces players to stay on their toes, promoting adaptability and enhancing their ability to make split-second decisions—a crucial skill in soccer.



The Double Stepover:

The Double Stepover is a flashy yet effective dribbling move that can easily trick the defenders. Begin by dribbling the ball towards the defender, then perform two quick step overs, before taking the ball in the direction of the first stepover with the outside of the foot. The key is to sell the move convincingly, making the defender believe them. After the second stepover, explode in the opposite direction.

This drill focuses on developing flair and creativity in dribbling, teaching young players to use deception to their advantage. 



Turning on the Ball:

Turning on the ball is a crucial skill for any soccer player, especially when navigating tight spaces or evading opponents. This drill aims to improve a player's ability to turn quickly and protect the ball under pressure, and is great for beginners.

Set up two cones, with the player positioned at one. The goal is to dribble to the opposite cone, then turn back using the sole of the foot.

This drill is a great way for players to get comfortable with this move. Despite its simplicity, this turn is very effective even at the professional level when done at higher speeds. 



Drag Back Turn &; Dribble:

The Drag Back Turn is a classic move that, when paired with a quick dribble, can create space away from defenders. To execute this move, dribble towards the defender, perform a drag back with the sole of your foot, and swiftly change direction. Use the inside or outside of your foot to continue dribbling away from the defender.

This drill enhances close ball control, teaches players to shield the ball effectively, and promotes quick changes in direction, which are essential skills for successful dribbling. This versatile move allows players to not only evade defenders but also maintain possession of the ball, giving them a strategic advantage on the field.





By incorporating these five youth soccer drills into your training, you will improve the player’s dribbling skills while also enhancing their versatility on the field. But remember, consistency is key! Mastering dribbling in soccer will require dedication and practice.