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The Women’s Game is Growing

Published: 2020-12-14
The Women’s Game is Growing
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Contrary to popular beliefs, the women's basketball game is growing. One of the contributing factors that is distracting people from seeing this growth is the constant salary comparison between the men’s professional players and women’s professional players.

We are starting to see girls starting to take an interest in the sport at a much earlier age than in the past. I’m sure you’ve heard stories of girls starting to play in high school, now we are seeing the girls beginning to play in elementary school. The more this continues trending, then we will see more and more girls competing in the sport. 

While the interest level of girls continues to rise, we must not forget that the competition also rises. More and more of girls at the youth age are demonstrating a competitive spirit. This makes the game stronger and you start to see more young ladies take their skills development seriously. 

Not only can you play basketball to earn a full scholarship, you can also play the game to make a higher salary than before. With the recent rise in the salary for WNBA players, more girls will become inspired to feel as if they have more to play for. Although it’s not near the salaries of NBA players, women are starting to gain some leeway. 

We are seeing more and more athleticism being displayed on the women’s side. Multiple girls are dunking the basketball before they even get to college. Girls are now faster, stronger and more explosive than ever before. Even attendance for women’s college basketball has risen. So when you see more than just one girl playing with a group of guys on the court, just keep in mind that, “The Women’s Game is Growing”.