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The Nebraska Volleyball Day: An Epic and Historical World Record in Volleyball Attendance

Published: 2023-09-06
The Nebraska Volleyball Day: An Epic and Historical World Record in Volleyball Attendance
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A Deja Vu Moment

The Nebraska Volleyball team has made history by setting the world record for attendance at a women's sporting event. Reliving the experience of being at the Memorial Stadium on August 30th, 2023, it felt eerily familiar. I was present at the Maracanã Stadium on July 23rd, 1983, witnessing Brazil compete against the then-formidable USSR men’s volleyball team. At the time, the Soviet Union was fresh off their gold medal win at the Moscow Olympics and their world championship title in 1982.


Brazil’s Ascent in Volleyball

Brazil was on a mission to popularize and professionalize adult volleyball. With strong backing from entities like TV Record and Banco Nacional, three events were planned across Brazil. Unfortunately, two had to be canceled due to torrential rains. But the third match, against the USSR, was paramount. And, just like a scripted drama, the heavens opened over Rio de Janeiro. But the game went on, solidifying my belief that rain or shine, the sport must go on.


The Stakes: Nebraska's Historical Feat

University of Nebraska's achievement is monumental for multiple reasons:

  1. The feat was accomplished in the U.S., the only country with organized collegiate athletics.
  2. It took place at a college renowned for its massive fanbase in American Football and women's volleyball.
  3. The city of Lincoln, Nebraska, doesn’t boast any professional teams.
  4. Nebraska Volleyball Day was notably a women’s sports event. It’s a celebration-worthy achievement!



A New Dawn for Collegiate Athletics

Last month, I suggested to the event's organizers that such a historic event deserved global attention. This landmark event is more than a testament to the Huskers' excellence. It is a beacon for collegiate athletics' potential expansion and marketing worldwide. Could this lead to ventures like a specialized campus in Brazil? Only time will tell.


A Trip Down Memory Lane: The 1983 Match

The 1983 match in Maracanã doesn’t find an exact parallel with Nebraska's Volleyball Day. However, the past offers insights and flavors to the present. I recall the times when volleyball struggled for TV airtime while sports like Golf and Formula 1 dominated the screen. That iconic match in Rio, under torrential rain, and with an electrifying atmosphere, showed the world that Brazil could dream big.


Uniting Fans: Strategies and Anecdotes

The organizers back in the 1983 match adopted innovative strategies. Buses were arranged for children from over 100 schools, accompanied by their parents. Despite a campaign promoting milk and physical activity, the attendees were treated with fast food and sodas. This match was a massive promotional drive. The rain, an unexpected guest, was attributed to an "El Nino" event. Still, both teams, especially the Russians, were relentlessly determined to play, considering the massive turnout of nearly 95,000 fans.





Innovation and Evolution of the Game

Over the years, I've witnessed the game evolve with new strategies, techniques, and athleticism. Nebraska showcased this evolution with an exemplary performance, a testament to the advancements in the sport.


Celebrating Collegiate Athletics

The Nebraska Volleyball Day wasn't just about the game. It was a carnival. The fans, the anthems, the flyovers by the National Guard – it was a spectacle. It’s fascinating to compare the challenges of the past – such as playing on carpets during the 1983 match – to the smooth execution at the Memorial Stadium, where, for the first time, classes were canceled for a volleyball match.


In Retrospect: Influence and Inspiration

My past interactions with Russian volleyball scientists and experts were all set in motion by the Brazil vs. Russia match. Their insights and teachings left an indelible mark on my career and served as the foundation for my volleyball academy, YOSA VBC. These historic matches, from 1983 and the recent Nebraska event, have reshaped and set new benchmarks for volleyball.


A New Benchmark in Volleyball

I firmly believe that Nebraska’s volleyball program is progressing to even greater heights. While other universities may boast bigger arenas, none can match the passionate fan base of the Huskers. The Memorial Stadium was packed to the rafters, a testament to the love and support the team enjoys. It's a record that, in my opinion, will stand tall for years to come.