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Simple At Home or Fitness Center Exercises

Published: 2021-11-02
Simple At Home or Fitness Center Exercises
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When we hear folks say  "I'm going to the gym to exercise," we tend to smile because the idea behind going to the gym isn't what gets folks in shape.  It's the exercises that do.

Fitness centers are fine; so are the exercises we do just living.  For instance, a great institution like the American College of Sports Medicine tells us we should be doing 30 minutes of exercise four or five days a week.

What they don’t say, is walking the dog for 15 minutes in the morning and the same in the evening is 30 minutes of cardio—and many folks do it every day.

So some exercise just performing daily tasks and others like a more formal way, like committing to routines at fitness centers.  Either way, as long as there’s exercise in your life you’re lifestyle is on track.

At St. Lukes University Health Network’s Fitness and Sports Centers, we made a video that guides some of the fundamental exercises we recommend as a regimen to all who can.


In case you’re a bit time constrained here are some highlights:

  • Some can't make it five days a week. Ok, so start with 3 then progress, it’s still better than doing zero exercises zero days a week. a week.
  • Consult your doctor before you begin a regimen.
  • If joining a gym is for you make sure it’s equipped to meet your goals and professionals have skills that match them too.
  • Make sure the facility does a health screening on you and some sort of assessment so you can objectively follow the improvement of the program they should individualize for you.
  • Consider investing in personal electronic monitoring systems. They’ll help you in recalibrating your fitness.
  • When it comes to strength training calorie burn can be as effective as cardiovascular training.

We never want people to think that they're limited by expense or equipment. At home people can walk, you can jog, or do a variety of activities with your legs that don't involve you having a whole lot of equipment around.

We can have you take two-gallon jug containers, fill them with water and we can give you a resistance training program that involves cardiovascular fitness as well.

Wherever you start your workout online, in your living room, or a fitness center, the key is sticking with it.