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Food Packing For Tournaments

Published: 2022-09-12
Food Packing For Tournaments
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Are you planning on heading to a tournament this season? Many families in competitive sports will venture to another city at some point to compete. This is usually a highlight for athletes (and parents) because they get to be with their team all day and night, playing the sport they love, bonding, and having fun!

While food may not be top of mind for many athletes, as parents, we are always thinking of how we are going to feed our growing players.

Preparing snacks and food for the trip while we’re away is one of the best ways to avoid concession stands and drive-thru foods and be ready for any schedule ( or schedule change!).

Hanger (Hunger + Anger) can get all of us. Making sure we are giving our bodies the food it needs helps to keep moods and behavior issues at bay, plus helps with energy levels and prepares us for anything!

So what should we pack for a weekend away?

Knowing that certain foods need more time to digest (protein, fat, & fiber) means we need to make sure we have a little bit of everything for any situation.

We want to make sure we have easily digestible carbohydrates to boost and replace energy stores throughout the weekend. Carbs are an essential form of energy for athletes and can be eaten closer to activity.

What to pack on a sports trip?

Bagels, bread, crackers


Fresh Fruit

Dried Fruit




Protein is incredibly important for athletes for muscle repair, recovery, and growth. I recommend having some protein every time you eat, including all meals and snacks.



What protein to pack?

Tuna packets

Plain beef jerky


Nut Butter

Nuts & Seeds

Some options will require you to bring a cooler, but you’ll be so happy to be able to reach for a snack without having to drive to a restaurant!


What snack to pack?

Peanut Butter & Jam Sandwiches

Peanut Butter Banana Rollups

Fresh veggies and hummus

Cream Cheese for bagels

Hard-boiled eggs




Lean Deli Meat


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