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Wounded Hearts Revival

Published: 2020-12-17
Wounded Hearts Revival
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Put a stethoscope on the heartbeat of a bully and you’ll hear echoes of cowardice. 

You might even hear boos of sports fans who catch them in the act or cheers for victims who stand up to a bully’s black hearted shenanigans and puncture the fake bravado of their tormentor.

As a pre-puberty pip-squeak, I might have endured a little of that, but they ended when an adolescent vertical spike ensued.

Mostly my experiences with bullying came when as a scribe I developed a personal relationship with a golf savant who became arguably the greatest ball striker in the game, likely as a reaction to bullying.

His name is Murray (Moe) Norman, a Canadian who took to the solitary self-learning of golf as an escape from bullies in school, sports, family and later from golf’s upper echelon bishops of the game.

Moe is now golfing with angels. 

The Moe Norman story has been told and re-told, but I was reminded of it recently when media began telling a similar story—this one of Haley Moore whose storybook final putt to win the NCAA’s 2019 Championship for her University of Arizona may have changed her life forever.

Haley whose stature likely tempted bully black hearts in her youth said afterwards, “I overcame a lot just to get to college.”   And now she revels in being called a “super bad ass” by admirers and media.

Haley Moore has earned her LPGA Card and now competes on that circuit. 

Roberta Bowman, LPGA brand and communications vice president says Haley is “easy to recognize and hard to forget.”  Bowman who spearheaded an LPGA promotional feature highlighting Haley’s commitment predicts Haley’s “true story is just beginning.”

Haley Moore’s fundamentals are built around a pair of tenets she’s quick to repeat:

“What makes me different makes me stronger.”

“True confidence comes from within.”

They also stand as pillars of the The Haley Moore Foundation she has created to serve the 30% of victims and empower a new generation free from bullying. 

If there is a message to take from these two golfing stories of exceptional wounded hearts that sports men, women and kids can take, it may be this:  

Take heart, the human spirit, as Haley Moore says, is determined to dream, believe and achieve.

And the beat goes on…