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Mastering the Three Quarter-Shot: Tips from Marisa Messana

Published: 2024-01-07
Mastering the Three Quarter-Shot: Tips from Marisa Messana
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Golf is a game of precision and strategy, where every shot counts. Sometimes, you find yourself in a situation where the club you'd normally use for a particular distance just isn't quite right. This is where the three-quarter shot comes into play, a technique beautifully explained by Marisa Messana. Here's how to master this essential golf skill.




Understanding the Three-Quarter Shot

The three-quarter shot is ideal for those moments when you're stuck between clubs. It's that tricky scenario where a seven iron doesn't quite reach, but a six iron is too much. Instead of choosing between the two, the three-quarter shot offers a perfect middle ground.


The Setup

  1. Grip Adjustment: Begin by gripping the club about half an inch lower than your standard grip. This slight change in the grip can make a significant difference in the control and distance of your shot.

  2. Back Swing Control: Instead of a full backswing, you only take it three-quarters of the way. This doesn't mean a half-hearted swing but rather a controlled, shorter swing that maintains the essence of your full swing.

  3. Maintaining Tempo and Follow Through: Despite the shorter backswing, it's crucial to maintain your usual tempo and follow through. The rhythm of your swing should remain consistent, ensuring that the only change is the length of the back swing.


Benefits of the Three-Quarter Shot

  • Distance Control: This technique takes off about five yards from your usual shot with the club. It's perfect for fine-tuning distance, especially when the usual ten-yard difference between clubs like the six and seven irons is too much.

  • Enhanced Accuracy: With a controlled swing, you're more likely to hit the ball with greater accuracy. This technique allows for a more precise shot, especially in challenging situations.

  • Versatility: The three-quarter shot adds an extra layer of strategy to your game. It's a valuable skill that can be used in various situations, giving you more options on the course.


Practice Makes Perfect

Like any golf technique, mastering the three-quarter shot requires practice. Spend time on the range working on this shot. Pay attention to the grip, the length of your back swing, and maintaining your swing's tempo.


The three-quarter shot is a valuable addition to any golfer's skillset. It offers a solution for those in between club situations and enhances your control over the game. Remember, the key is in the grip, the controlled back swing, maintaining your usual tempo, and following through. With these tips from Marisa Messana, you're well on your way to mastering this essential golf technique.